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Feng Shui and Spirituality

How to deepen your spirituality with the use of Feng Shui?. This is definitely something that people don’t realize about Feng Shui. Feng Shui is actually from the lineage of the TAO, and Taoism is a very, very profound spiritual practice. It is teachings from the book of Lao Tzu that are thousands of years old, and it is all about tapping into the universal source energy of the universe.



So how do we deepen our practice of spirituality, our connection with the divine? even the word yoga, yoga means to unite, to connect, it means union, and all of these philosophies, all religions, all cultures, they’re all about connection. Connection to spirit, connection to a higher source to something that is an effervescence that we can’t touch or feel, but we know it has a power and a potency and the Tao is the essence of that. Essentially, it is the essence of or how we would say this is like the chi or the prana or the energy. It’s this forcefield that things just happen. You know, the river just flows, the grass just grows, the trees grow, the sun just shines. It’s this power and this energy that’s omnipotent and omnipresent.

Now, with Feng Shui, it really does look at the balancing of the five elements and you know, if we have excess of something in our lives, it puts us out of balance. Then that puts us that disconnects us and what we really essentially want in our spiritual practice is connection. Connection to ourselves, connection to our higher selves and connection to this guiding light that is bringing us and moving us forward every single day. I often think that I have felt over the years I’ve described it like sometimes it’s like you set an intention or you have a dream, and that there is this amazing, magical group of beings up above watching with all of these little magic wands going like that has to happen to this and joining all these dots to bring you to what it is that you’re supposed to be doing or the interactions and the people that you’re meant to bring into your life. 

Feng Shui, when I have really come to realize is that when we balance our home we are connecting with the five elements, we’re balancing the five elements in every part of our home, it comes into harmony, and then it is literally when your home is in balanced and in harmony, just like the same rhythm of life. It is connecting to the rhythm of life, which is the rhythm of spirit. It’s like everything is in flow, it’s moving, it’s happening and it’s not push, it’s not pull, it’s just happening. So when you want to deepen your spiritual practice, the first is really looking at your home and looking at where things are blocking it. Is the energy able to move freely? Are there spots of clutter in certain areas who could be blocking that flow? Are there particular insights or things I may have heard in other videos of mine like friction points where things are just not working? Check those things out for sure so that you have this kind of sense of flow that will be the first thing to do in your physical environment. Make things working, make sure there’s a sense of flow. 

The next thing for your spiritual practice, deepening your spiritual process is creating a space in your home for it. It doesn’t need to be a big space and it could be even just symbolically having a cushion that you sit on that you meditate on like that you just create it and you can also set up an altar. We do have an area in Feng Shui which is around personal development which is the northeast area of your home. Personal development, spiritual growth, connection to the Divine is very connected to the northeast of your home. Well, you may not be able to sit there, meditate there or even put some spiritual statues or images that resonate with you in that area. My invitation is to find a place where you can do that. Is there a little space or a little sanctuary that you will create? I would avoid doing it in your bedroom and we don’t recommend spiritual statues or images in your bedroom so there’s a little space in your take or even just get yourself a little sacred box that you can put into your oracle cards, your candles, your intentions, your mala beads, whatever spiritual things you have for an altar that moves with you or even creating a little altar around your house somewhere that fits with it. To deepen that, if you can in that area in the Northeast. It’s not a bad idea to have a picture of something that resonates with you in terms of your spiritual practices. 

Now in our home, we have a beautiful white Tara at the end of our hallway upstairs in our spirituality area. Both Ken and I have an affinity with white Tara, Ken from his Buddhist background and myself from just a beautiful experience I had connecting with that energy of white Tara. So it’s not that I am a Buddhist, but I just love that energy and the beautiful, unconditional loving energy that white Tara represents. I feel like she’s almost like the guardian of our house and she watches over the house when we’re not here and you can have any spiritual statue that resonates with you in your home. So maybe it’s a white Tara, a Ganesh to remove obstacles, a laughing Buddha, an Angel or a Goddess, or whatever just really follow what is for you. Because all of these different lineages are all they’re doing and all of these energies of these deities are about tapping into that higher self. 

Bring some intent, bring some images if you can set up an altar. Don’t be too attached to the location of it, if you can get it in the northeast great but if you can’t, don’t worry, place it somewhere else that feels good for you in your home. I invite you to just spend some time in nature and as you spend time in nature, watching nature that’s going to help you just understand the philosophy of the Tao and what we want to do in Feng Shui is bring that perfect alignment and balance that is in nature into our homes. 

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