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Feng Shui and Travel

Today we are talking about how to use Feng Shui for travel. By living in different places (Ireland, Bali, Greece, and New York), I’ve experienced a lot of different Feng Shui environments. I’m going to talk about what I do when I go to a new space and have to start from scratch with Feng Shui.



What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is about bringing flow, ease, joy, and abundance into our lives. We definitely want our travels to be supportive of all those things. We want any place that we stay in to be the most supportive place it can be for us to do the things we want to do or (achieve the results that we want if it’s for business).

Step #1: Set the intention for your trip

Before I leave, I set the intention that my trip is going to be whatever it is going to be emotionally (i.e., calm, profitable, joyous) or I’ll set the intention around the purpose of the trip.
That intention is going to help you attract the best property or place that’s going to support you.

Step #2: Clear the space

I have one or two things in my bag that I bring with me for space clearing. It could be some sage, a chime, or a bell. What we want to do is clear the space of anybody who’s been there before, because that’s going to clear the slate for you. Also, it’s going to help you settle a bit more, which is really important because when we’ve been traveling we really want to be able to land and ground.



I often have the sage or I’ll clap my hands and open the windows. I’ll bring in some fresh air and do that kind of space clearing. I may have some essential oil spray. I love lemon and citrusy scents because that’s very fresh, zesty, and cleansing. So you can do a little spritz of the place.

While we can’t change the energy of the space very dramatically, we can change a few things. These are the most common things I change when I’m Feng Shui’ing a place.

Step #3: Look at the bedroom

One thing I do when I’m looking for my place is to look for some Feng Shui things, especially for the bedroom. It’s a good idea to have:

  • A bed that has a headboard
  • A bed that’s situated so you can see the door
  • A bedroom that doesn’t have an excessive amount of fire or red in it

I want it to be a sanctuary that feels nice, clean, and bright because you want some yang energy.



Step #4: Look at the Art
Once I’ve unpacked. I’ll look at what’s on the walls. Sometimes, the art in Airbnbs and hotels can be super disturbing. I remember arriving late to a hotel and not doing those practices because it was super late. I had the weirdest dream that night.

When I woke up in the morning, I looked at the wall. There was this picture of a woman hanging upside down in the air & and I was like, “Oh my God no wonder I was dreaming like crazy last night!”

I covered the picture using a scarf or shawl that I keep in my bag. You can also use a towel from the hotel.

Step #5: Check TVs and mirrors in the space

Often in hotel rooms and spaces, there’s a TV facing you in the bed, which is great if you’re going to lounge and watch TV. But for sleep purposes, we don’t recommend having a TV pointed at you because there’s a lot of energy from the TV even when it’s off.

You can get a towel or something to cover it. That can lead to a more relaxed sleep because it’s not reflecting you when you’re sleeping. I’ll also cover the mirror if it’s reflecting me when I’m in the bed. Otherwise, I will leave it.

Step #6: Set up the desk

If I’m working from that space, I will make sure my desk is set up so that I’m sitting in the chair with the wall behind me and the desk in front of me. So that might mean shimming the desk out and getting yourself behind it.

Or, if you can’t do that you can grab a small compact mirror and pop it on the desk. So when you’re sitting at your desk working, you’ve got a little mirror on the side to see what’s coming behind you.

These are my top tips for travel when it comes to Feng Shui-ing the space that you’re in. It’s not ideal but the most important thing is making sure you can get some of the key things in place. If a place has really good reviews, it is a sign of prosperity and abundance because it’s busy, which is always a bonus.

Happy traveling! I hope this was helpful. Let me know in the comments what action or what you’re going to bring with you for the next time you’re traveling to support you on your journey of Feng Shui-ing your space.


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