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Feng Shui & Emotional Health

I’m so excited to talk about Feng Shui and emotional health because sometimes we don’t realize that our actual physical environment is actually impacting our emotions, our happiness, our joy, and it can really make a huge difference when we start to actually look at our physical environment from that perspective.



Interestingly enough, when Ken was going through his own journey, Ken, my husband was going through his own personal development journey. He fell into Feng Shui for that exact reason. He realized that what was going on inside was kind of a mess and also his external environment was mirroring that. 

The first thing I would say to you, if you want to just kind of clear your head and to really start to become in a much more place of balance and harmony, and that’s what Feng Shui is all about. It’s about bringing your environment into a space of balance, harmony and flow

So where do we start? 

The very first thing we want to start with is Declutter. I know this might seem like something really overwhelming to get started, but I would say to you start small. 

Find a space right now just a small cupboard that you could just sort out and let go of a few things and as you let go of those things, I want you to mindfully just think “I’m letting go of this negative thought” as you let go of that physical item “I’m letting go of this fear, this anxiety, this worry.” As you ship it out of your house, you’re just like physically sending it out with the items. So whether it’s your underwear, your socks, or it’s a book, just allow yourself to channel that. Representing that item or that energy going and leaving your house.


As you’re letting it go, I want you to swap it out with what you are replacing it with. 

  • If you’re letting go of fear, you’re welcoming in love. 
  • You’re letting go of anxiety, you’re welcoming in peace in your heart. 
  • You’re letting go of any type of stressful thought or worry that you have right now, channeling that into some item that you’re letting go physically, and then make space for whatever it is that you want to call into your life.


That’s a really, really potent practice that if you started with just simple items, it doesn’t need to be a specific thing. It could be, as I said, a book, a pair of knickers, a t- shirt, or even just a tupperware container. Anything that you just want to move out of your space is going to make a difference. 

The second thing when you’re doing that declutter and maybe this is an easy way to get started with the decluttering is to let go of anything that’s broken or chipped. If something is broken, it is literally depleting its energy. If it’s chipped the energy has been depleted. 

So for example – plates, or dishware. I remember a client of mine, literally feeling a complete shift in her life. After letting go of all the chipped, plates and cups from her house. She said it was literally palpable to change in her energy because imagine every single cup of tea, every single meal that she had, something was broken and it wasn’t in its fullest, most positive way. It was depleting her energy and actually kind of maybe chipping away at her. So when she let that go, she felt like a whole new lease of life. So anything that’s chipped or broken, let go of it. 

The next thing I would talk about are three places that I would start to look at, especially for emotional health. Look at items in your home that may be associated with negative memories or negative interactions with people

One of my clients I remember doing a consultation and on the way into her bedroom, she had a picture of a woman on her own. Solitary woman on her own and it was kind of going into the fog. I asked her to tell me about this picture, she said, “You know what? My husband took that picture.” I was like, “Oh, okay. Not a big fan of a single woman picture on its own. It was quite foggy and dark.” And she said “Yeah, just after we’d had a big fight and I stormed off and he took that photo.” Now they had the picture, it looks kind of artistic, which was nice, but every time she walked into her bedroom, she had this picture that was literally affecting her subconscious. I have a video all about Feng Shui & Artwork where I’ll talk more about that, but the impact is something that has like a flight and negative memory and argument. I wouldn’t recommend having those in your home. Move around your house and maybe let go of those things that have a kind of a heaviness or a weightiness around them and allow yourself to think about “what could I replace that with? or what do I want to bring into my space?” 

Three places that are important to actually start to look at are the attic, the basement, and the shed. A lot of times we can come into our homes, and it may feel like there’s no clutter and it’s very organized and it’s so smooth. Then we’re like, “oh, I don’t know, my environment is not impacting me.” I talked to my clients and I’m like, “tell me what’s in the attic?”. If you think about it, just from a logical point of view, stuff up in your attic is like bearing down on you. It’s literally bearing on your shoulders, like a weight on your shoulders. So a lot of times when things get shoved up in the attic, they still stay here, really weighing down on you unconsciously. You don’t even realize that you have this weight, overpowering you every single day. 

I had a client who had 40 years of stuff up in the attic. That was like 40 years of unresolved things, unmade decisions because if you don’t want it or you don’t need it, basically it ends up being an unmade decision. It’s kind of left up there in your head, like a kind of bearing on your head like “I don’t know if I need this or not want it.” So I’d encourage you to tackle the attic, and just clear it out. Make sure that what’s in the attic are things that you’re going to use. Your Christmas decorations, your suitcases, maybe if you swap out a seasonal wardrobe and other seasonal toys or ski gear that kind of thing is fine because you know you’re going to use it once a year. Apart from that, if there’s lots of emotional things in the attic, it’s going to really be affecting you so tackle the attic. 

The next place is very similar, it’s the basement. But the thing is, this actually becomes very, very deep emotional things and it’s kind of like what’s shoved under the carpet and it’s not being seen or looked at. It’s kind of impacting you again from an emotional perspective and you could have things like paperwork, divorce files, lawsuits or who knows what are the things that you just like “I don’t want to look at, I’m just going to shove it down there”. That then isn’t gone, it hasn’t been addressed and released. So that’s another place to look at. 

The third one is the shed. You have an outdoor shed, give yourself an opportunity to kind of again, it is all like put to the side. If It’s put to the side, It’s like “oh, I don’t want to deal with that right now”. It’s still there though and it’s still going to be impacting your emotion, your energy, your flow, and your emotional health every day. 

Take your time, think about what we’ve talked about, the artwork, the attic, the basement, anything that’s broken or chipped, and this might feel like a big job but I would say just do one single thing at a time. 

I have an incredible guide for you that is a checklist that’s going to show you room by room. What exactly you can be doing to improve the flow of energy and activate feng shui in your home. This guide and checklist is usually just for my clients, so you’re in luck that you’ll be able to get it as a gift from me. Grab that guide at patricialohan.com/checklist and that will move you through every single room to Feng Shui your space and get that flow of all the things that you want coming into your life easy peasy.

I hope this was useful for you and you had some aha moments. As they say the word action is not in attraction for no reason. If you want better well being, emotional health, more flow, more joy we have to let go of the things that are not serving us and get our home supporting us fully.

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