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Feng Shui for a More Peaceful Home

Feng Shui for a peaceful home. Isn’t that what everybody wants? a beautiful, peaceful, harmonious home where things go with the flow, nice, easy, calm, and joyful. That is essentially the essence of Feng Shui, it is all about creating a home that is harmonious, peaceful, calm, and things just work out. 

I’m going to talk about some of the key things that I see in people’s homes that are creating maybe some chaos, creating some anxiety, creating or revving up the energy that is really paving the place out of harmony. 



The very first thing that I want to talk about is artwork. The first thing that comes into my mind is a client of mine Patricia, when she joined into our PowerHouse community, she realized that after doing one of my calls about artwork that in her family area, since she moved into the place that she was living she had this painting of a storm, a big ship in a big storm. To say that her family life and her relations with her children, her siblings had been rocky or stormy to say the least was literally an understatement. She could not believe it, when she realized that this piece of art literally was just totally stirring up the energy over and over in her family. Obviously the first thing she did after the call was like goodbye painting.

So the first thing I would recommend is having a little look around your home and see what’s on the walls? Do the images represent peace, harmony, relaxation, joy? or are they a little bit busy?. For example, I had a client who had an image over her bed that was the New York skyline over her bed. That is a very busy city, she’s sleeping under it and we don’t recommend having paintings or pictures over your head with Feng Shui. The next thing with Feng Shui is imagery, artwork that is just too busy or too hectic. That was a busy scene in that lady’s bedroom that I was like this is definitely not something that’s calm, relaxing or peaceful. 

What else could you have in the artwork? nature that is calm and beautiful things that are working, feel joyful, and expansive for you. In our front entrance we have a painting of a beautiful cherry blossom. It is in full bloom and it really anchors my time in Japan. The cherry blossom season is a very sacred time in Japanese culture. I just love it, it feels so calm and blissful when I see it and it’s really expansive. Have a little look at what’s on the walls, is it busy? For example, horses charging in the house could be very, very busy in another room that you want to be calm and quiet. What do you want each room to feel like? then pick some artwork that mirrors that. 

Let Go Of Items That Represents Violence

The other thing I would look at is sometimes people collect different things. So I’ve had clients who have weapons, whose partners have weapons, swords, or daggers. Years ago when my parents had the bar business, someone came back from a country with a big giant bottle of vodka. That was a machine gun shaped vodka bottle that still represents a weapon. It still represents danger, that’s not something I have in my house. You might have something that kind of like, “Oh, I got this in a country, it’s from being abroad”. And really do we want something that is kind of dangerous in our home, that represents violence? Not at all, so I would certainly recommend letting go of anything like that. That then brings me to the kitchen, I don’t recommend having knives on display in your kitchen. Again, knives are dangerous, they can be seen as weapons, they can be dangerous, and we definitely want our place to be calm. 

In my kitchen I have the drawers that you pull out in the kitchen. The knives are slotted in there to just keep them out of sight. That’s a really nice suggestion as well, just easy to get anything that’s dangerous or may have been a weapon out of sight. If someone does have partners or  have guns for shooting and they hunt, I would say keep them out of sight. Definitely have a place where they’re not to be seen and maybe locked away. And even others have animals that they hunted for and that again, that can be quite depleting energetic wise. So for sure you want to be mindful about where they’re kept, if it’s in your living rooms not ideal. Maybe the person who does the hunting has their own space and it’s in there. It feels like they’ve accomplished something, that connection and that’s okay. You just have to find a balance with all of those different things. 

Too Much Red

The next thing I have talked about so many times, it’s the use of red in your home. The holidays, a lot of red gets brought into the house. Sometimes I’ve worked with clients who have like literally their entire home, entire hallways that went through every part of her home bright red. It was very striking and beautiful, but actually, there was a lot of drama, a lot of arguing, disagreements, and very fiery outbursts from the kids. Because this fire element was literally pervading through the entire house. I don’t recommend having excess red in your home, it represents overeating, anxiousness, a kind of fiery energy argumentative. We don’t want that friction in the home, so I certainly would recommend minimizing that and if you do have any friction, maybe replace the red with something a bit more calming. Again, a peaceful home the other flip side of that and I certainly recommend watching my two videos: 

  1. Feng Shui the five elements
  2. Feng Shui and colors

Both of those reflect back and talk more about the colors which you can use for more calming. If you want people to feel more grounded, bring more earth tones in you can check those videos out as well. 

Do A Space Clearing

The next thing I would say is do a space clearing of your home. I’m a huge fan of decluttering and there’s several trainings and videos that I’ve created about decluttering and the benefits of it. Check those out to let go, and check out the video about fabulous and fun Feng Shui that will certainly spark some more insights for you to create a very peaceful home. 

There’s so many layers to this amazing practice of Feng Shui and if you’d like to learn some specific things that you can do in your home for every area of your house and set up of rooms. They will also definitely help with more peaceful energy, people sleeping in better directions and setting your office up. You can check out my Feng Shui mini course that is behind the scenes of my own house and it’ll help you with the Feng Shui of your space. 

Ready for more? Check out my Ultimate Feng Shui Checklist and get started on your Feng Shui journey today. Download it HERE.

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