Feng Shui Friday: Feng Shui for Anxiety - Patricia Lohan | Feng Shui Expert
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Feng Shui Friday: Feng Shui for Anxiety

In this segment of Feng Shui Friday for the Live Your Dreams Awake podcast, Patricia will give her recommendations on how you can work on your physical environment and use it to release stress and anxiety from your home . Things in your home should be uplifting, bringing you that happy and harmonious feeling, and if it doesn’t, it’s time for you to clear the negative energies that bring you anxiety. She will also explain what clutter means from a feng shui perspective.

At the latter part of the episode Patricia will share her conversation with Anne Marie Kingston, the founder of the White Sage Academy. She and her family had truly mind blowing results after she embraced feng shui in her life and the good thing is – more are coming. Hear more of her wins, which can be yours, too. Enjoy!

REMEMBER -“Feng shui is all about flow, it’s about bringing things into flow and that’s what we want in our lives.”


  • Patricia’s recommendation on how you can move around your home and look at things that are either helping you or hurting you.
  • A look at the artworks in your home, what are they saying to you?
  • Decluttering is getting rid of things that don’t serve you anymore.
  • What was Anne Marie’s life before her introduction to feng shui?
  • Anne Marie’s wins after putting all the remedies in her home.
  • What Anne Marie would say to someone who is kind of hesitant to put the payment down to start the program?
  • Anne Marie’s  experience with her husband who is resistant at first to the idea of feng shui.
  • The amazing support from the Powerhouse community.


Video on How to Clear Negative Energy from Your Home:

Video on Feng Shui and Artwork:

Video on Feng Shui Your Bedroom – A Realistic Approach

Video on Feng Shui and Emotional Health

Free checklist/guide to discover on how to embrace feng shui in your homes


“Our physical environment is a very dense energetic space.” – Patricia
“Feng shui is all about flow, it’s about bringing things into flow and that’s what we want in our lives.” – Patricia
“Like me, who knew nothing but something had to change.” – Anne Marie Kingston
“It’s a constant process, it’s like an onion doing it layer by layer.”- Anne Marie Kingston
“We have this one resource, it’s our house and we have to use it.” – Patricia
“Feng shui rocks.” – Anne Marie Kingston


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