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Feng Shui For Fame

Feng Shui for fame, more media, more exposure, more recognition for what you’re doing in the world. The power of Feng Shui to help you boost your brand to gain recognition and to really show and highlight literally how you shine your light in the world is one of my favorite things. A lot of the people who come into my world are doing amazing things, yet, people don’t really know about them and it’s like they’re the best kept secrets in their world and in their industries. 

When we support people with Feng Shui, we really help them balance their home, activate their fame area, and we support them getting their message out into the world shining their light, so that people can really recognize the good and the magic that they are sharing in the world. 



When it comes to fame, this is just even from my own personal experience since we’ve activated Feng Shui. Honestly, I have been in so many media publications that have blown my mind, and when the New York Times happened, that was pretty like, oh my god, seriously, how does it get better than that? You know how it all started?

Get Clear On What You Want

First of all I got clear about what I wanted. I got really clear about where I wanted to be seen, how I wanted to be recognized and what I wanted to be recognized for. So obviously I want to be recognized for Feng Shui. I wanted to be seen doing it, and sharing how powerful this practice is. So my first tip for you is just to sit down and reflect about where you want to be seen? How do you want to be recognized? Do a beautiful journaling exercise about that. I actually made a vision board of logos that I wanted to be featured in and honestly I don’t have it anymore, but I have been in most of them. I was like done, done, done, yes, yes, yes and that’s just a really good way of creating an anchor, a visual anchor of where do I want to be seen? So I made a vision board of some of the magazines and some of the different places that I wanted to be featured that I thought my ideal clients would be. 

Once I had created the vision board. Literally, so many things happen for me of course my home is Feng Shui’d and I’ve activated my fame and reputation area. But something else that I want you to think about for your vision board is the fame and reputation area also represents accolades and awards. I have in my fame and reputation this little Oscar, award winning Feng Shui expert but it’s just a little anchor of something that represents success. If I ever win an Oscar that will be super fun, but it’s really what are some things that you can put that will be symbolic? Is there in your industry awards that you could enter? that you’d like to be recognized in? be number one or win?. I’ve used this actually for a writers competition, I was in a writers competition for Hay House and on the brochure I literally put a sticker saying winner. Just simple as it did, and I won. I was a winner. Obviously, I did the work, but also, when you’re living in a Feng Shui place, and you set that intention, it all just conspires to happen for you, so that’s the fun thing about the fame area. 

So the fame area is the south part of your home and in the south area don’t worry if it’s the bathroom or the kitchen or somewhere that doesn’t kind of feel like, oh my God this is my fame area, my fame area is in my toilet, is your fame going down the toilet? no, it’s not. There’s plenty of opportunities and this is the beauty of Feng Shui. Because the area, the south, is a certain part of your home, it doesn’t reflect back that into your life. What it does mean though, is that in that area in the south, if it is a place that you could pop a little Oscar or put some logos or even magazines. 

For example, I had a beautiful amazing friend who’s a jewelry designer and I just said, what magazines do you want to be featured in? get those magazines and put them in your south area. So they’re like an anchor of this, this is where I want to be featured, that connection and reminder, and your south area then is really bringing that on. 


The south area, you want to declutter it, clear it all out, whatever is in it that may be broken, cluttered, not supportive of you definitely get rid of it. If you can’t do it in your south area, maybe you can do the south part of your office, which would work. I have a client and she’s like a number one Bob Proctor coach, and when we Feng Shui her house, we actually Feng Shui’d her apartment and then we did her office as a little microcosm, and in her south area she put all the awards that she had won from her work with Bob on the walls, and that was like her anchor of wanting more of them but also reconnected with that, so you can totally do that.

Create Some Affirmations

The other thing I would say is just create some affirmations and some intentions about your fame. “I am widely recognized in my work” “I have amazing recognition” “I’m famous” whatever it is and it’s not necessarily about being totally famous for being on the television, but if you do have a message that you want to share or if you are making an impact. Having recognition, visibility is such a powerful part of getting it out there and helping you grow your business, helping you grow your career. 

So this is an area that often people don’t realize in your home and that it could be either supporting it, pushing it away or sabotaging it. You can definitely work with the south area of your home. 

If you are interested, I actually do share and show you my south area of my home in my free mini course that I’ve created and this behind the scenes of my own home. I share and I show you my south area. Show you what I have in it, I share the books, I share the images, I share what I have in my own space that represents fame for me and what I’ve done as integrating into my house. 

Now if someone coming to my house, they will never know what’s there, what it represents, and what it means to me that’s kind of the power and potency of this practice that most people don’t know unless you tell them your house has been Feng Shui’d, they’re not gonna know from looking around. So if you want to have a look and check out my own house, and my fame reputation area, check out the Feng Shui video. So if you do want to boost how you shine your light in the world and be seen, more recognized. Come and join us in PowerHouse and check out the free course.

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