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Feng Shui Friday: Interior Design Tips for Feng Shui

Feng shui is not about doing structural changes and movements in your home and definitely not about interior design, at all. In this episode of Feng Shui Fridays, a segment of Live Your Dreams Awake, you will learn how some facets of interior design can work in harmony with feng shui.

Plus, a special section of my client’s experiences when they allowed feng shui to bring in the transformation in their lives. You’ll definitely be inspired to hear the success story of my friend Joanna Turner’s, which can be yours, as well.

REMEMBER – “Fire burns, it can go out of control.”


  • What role does feng shui play in interior design?
  • The use of color in your home, where to avoid using them or where to use them more?
  • What was going on in Joanna Turner’s life before she had her home feng shui?
  • Joanna’s amazing results and profound realizations after she implemented the remedies in her home. 
  • What would Joanna say to people who would like to join the Powerhouse?
  • An invitation to join the Powerhouse before it closes by August 8.


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“If you are looking for advice regarding interior design and this is literally what I would talk to my clients around, would be the use of colors in your home.”- Patricia

“Fire burns, it can go out of control.” – Patricia

“It was such a profound realization that I was actually missing from my life, from my experience.”- Joanna A Turner

“When I would let go of the things that I was kind of holding on to, I would see more big shifts in my business and massive transformation.”- Joanna A Turner

“Once the house is balanced and one your have the right elements in there, it brings you into balance.”- Patricia

“I have to release some things, to make the space.”- Joanna A Turner