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Feng Shui Your Bathroom

Your bank account, your finances are very connected to your bathroom believe it or not. Every part of your home represents a different part of your life but actually, the bathroom has a lot of outflow. There’s the sink, the taps, the shower, the bath, and even the bidet. There’s a lot of drains, there’s a lot of opportunities for energy to leave your home through the bathroom. 



First of all, the bathroom is associated a lot with water, water and prosperity, the flow of energy coming in and we don’t want energy leaving. We want to contain the energy into our homes and the money.

Keep The Toilet Seat Down and Bathroom Door Closed

Feng Shui for a bathroom starts with keeping the toilet seat down and the bathroom door closed. I really liked the fact that Feng Shui is very practical at times. Keeping your toilet seat down, it’s just hygienic and if you can’t keep the bathroom door closed at all times, try and keep it like ajar. Some people have pets that need to use their litter trays in the bathroom and you have had lots of people be like “I can’t keep my bathroom door closed” don’t panic, it’s not the end of the world it’s just a really good habit to get into. 

I really want in my next house. I definitely want to have those automatic closing doors and automatic closing toilet seats so that you don’t even have to think about it and neither do your guests or visitors or other people that live in the house. So maybe they can go on your vision board. So keep the toilet seat down, the bathroom door closed number one.

Bathroom Colors

Number two is the actual bathroom colors. As I said, it’s very associated with the water element. It’s a lot of water element and actually excess water can be dampening, cooling and not that good. So we don’t want to have excess water element in the bathroom. 

What does that actually mean? What it means is to limit or avoid having blue in your bathroom. I’m going to clarify also the tone of blue, because I’ve had people post and messaged me over the years asking about the color blue. Baby blue, pastel blues like very light blue is actually more a metallic element which is fine in the bathroom, more lighter colors are fine. More than deep blue and even moving towards black is not ideal. So I did mention that the color blue is not ideal and neither is the color black which is associated with blue, same element and same color palette. 

I had an amazing friend of mine help me pick the colors for my home to paint the house. So she suggested some amazing colors. I loved all of them and when I saw the color from the bathroom, I actually thought it was more earth, more brown color. Brown is a good color for your bathroom. You don’t have to change your bathroom to brown but it’s a good color. Creams are good also Green is a good color for the bathroom. But she recommended the color and I looked and I thought it was quite brown and I thought that’s going to work because brown, earth color it actually dampens, it slows the energy. It’s like a dam if you had a river and you wanted to stop the river you would use earth, you would dam it. So I thought that was actually an appropriate color. But when it got painted, and it was up on the wall, it’s actually much closer to black. So it’s just on one feature wall. Now it’s been painted there and I can’t say whether it’s had an impact on our finances. There’s so many different layers to Feng Shui and this is what I want you to really take away. 


If you do have a blue bathroom, don’t panic. Implement what I share with you here: bring some earth tones in. Bring some crystals, stones or shells in to dampen and slow the energy out of the bathroom and also don’t overthink it there’s so many different layers to Feng Shui. I’ve got countless other videos that you can watch to work on your prosperity, your health, your career, all the different aspects and that’s where I would redirect my attention rather than focusing on it being negative just be like it’s okay. It just is and maybe in the future you’ll be able to change it or tweak it. 

  1. Take out your blue towels just when they need to be changed, don’t get blue ones again. 
  2. Direct decorations and art things that are removable like a few pictures of water on the wall, maybe replace those images.


The other thing with the bathrooms that I wanted to share was the location of it. If your bathroom is located in the center of your home, it happens to be in our house or the center of our home. It’s not ideal because this is your health area and it can represent a kind of draining on your health and not as good for your health and vibrancy but if it is, it is.  We don’t do structural changes and don’t panic. One of the things I suggest is putting a small mirror on the bathroom door outside it so the chi doesn’t even get into the bathroom. So that can be something else you could do if you can’t keep the door closed. Put a small mirror on the bathroom door on the outside of it so when you come to the bathroom, and that might work like it depends on in the house, it would have worked or not. 

Now you can see an exact example, you can actually go and see the wrong color in my own bathroom and our own main bathroom and you can also see the mirror that we’ve put in place because ours happens to be in the center area and I feel super healthy and fit. So just take this information and do the best you can with it for Feng Shui’ing your bathroom. 

If you are interested in kind of seeing behind the scenes, and getting some more clear examples of what I’ve done on my own bathroom, you can go to the mini course that I’ve created, that gives you a walkthrough of the house and also behind the scenes you can really see what’s going on. How I’ve set it up, some areas that are not perfect and then help you to get really tangible things that you can do in your house to improve the energy. 

I have a checklist that guides you through every single room of your home and gives you step by step things that you can do in every room to improve the energy and amplify it and turn your house into a PowerHouse. You can get that at patricialohan.com/checklist and I can’t wait for you to download and start taking action. 

Why would you want to do Feng Shui? Because if you want to see and have more joy, more flow, more abundance in your life, you can use your home to support you. Oftentimes if you’re searching Feng Shui or come across it, I see that as a sign that you’re being guided to look deeper into this practice and there’s amazing, amazing, amazing opportunities when we start embracing the power of Feng Shui. 

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Feng Shui Checklist