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Feng Shui Your Bedroom – For Real People

There’s a lot of talk about how Feng Shui and the bedroom will help you once it’s set up correctly to call in beautiful love. The best sex you’ve ever had. If you follow certain steps, but let’s be realistic, not all bedrooms, just like not all homes can be perfectly arranged in the perfect focused way practice Feng Shui.

So now what??


In most homes, bedrooms are usually shaped in one particular way, so that the bed can be positioned in one way, and that’s the only way a bed can go now.

The ideal scenario for a bed in a bedroom is positioned with a wall behind it. When you come in the door, the bed should be positioned with a wall – not windows – behind it with a view of the door.

What if my room isn’t position isn’t for this ideal situation?

You probably don’t get to choose the layout of the rooms in your house, but you can control a few things.

You can start with the ideal type of bed: a wooden bed that has a nice strong headboard. A wooden bed with a solid headboard will give you a solid night’s sleep and will support you. We want to feel supported in a nice, solid bed. Next, it’s optimal to have our head to a wall with the headboard looking at the door.

Don’t worry if you’re not set up for this – you’re not doomed!

Here’s what you can do:

If your head is right by the door, I recommend setting up a bedside table with a big lamp or something that’s going to slow down the chi so it’s not coming straight up your head.

If you’re lying in your bed and you can’t see the door – this is my situation in my home right now! – you can position the bed with a small mirror at the end of the bed.

Have you heard that mirrors are not ideal in a bedroom because they reflect you? This is a bit different. This mirror actually has a purpose, and that purpose is to reflect the door so we can see it when we’re in bed.

Just liked I talked about in my Setting Up Your Office – What NOT To Do video, you want to be able to see the door. Having your back to the door will make you feel like you can’t see what’s coming and will impact your sleep. But, with a small mirror, it allows us to lay in bed and see the door. We feel safe and relaxed and are set up for a good sleep.

What are practical tips to Feng Shui the bedroom?

1. Rest, Romance, and Relaxation.

Start your Feng Shui journey in your bedroom. You spend so much time in this room.

Rest, romance, and relaxation are the only three things I really recommend that you are doing in your bedroom. Your bedroom should be like a sanctuary, a space that is super supportive for all of your sleep.

2. Create balance.

I do recommend thinking in pairs, creating a sense of harmony. Make sure your bedside tables are matching and of similar height because if they’re out of balance, it can often represent an imbalance in the relationship.

NOTE: this works whether you’re in a relationship or not. If you are single, watch my video about how to Attract a New Partner and FALL IN LOVE with Feng Shui.

Make sure the space in the wardrobe is equal. If one person has a lamp, the other person should too.

3. Clear out under the bed.

What’s under your bed? You don’t want love letters from any exes or broken computers or shoes that have been walking around the world all day. Remove any journals or anything with emotional qualities – you don’t want to be sleeping on top of that all night. It will impact your dreams.

If you need to use that space for storage, store pillows or sheets or duvet covers or linen.

4. Remove any spiritual artwork.

You don’t want anything watching your while you’re in bed. Deities don’t need to be watching you in bed and you don’t want to be disrespectful either. I wouldn’t recommend having alters in your bedroom either.

If your home is tiny and that’s the only space for your meditation space, don’t panic. Just place a shawl over the space before you go to bed.

5. Remove any work things and exercise equipment.

You don’t want to be sleeping with your work. This will have an impact on your relationship as well. Remove stacks of papers and old files.

Similarly, roll up your yoga mat and put it in the corner. Place a shawl over any exercise equipment before you sleep. Create a calm, Zen space for yourself to fall asleep.

6. Choose artwork accordingly.

Choose artwork that represents what it is that you want in terms of your relationship goals. If you are in a relationship, have a picture of you and your partner in your bedroom. Remove pictures of family members – you don’t want them watching you in bed. You want your bedroom to be a focal point for you and your current relationship, a picture of you on your happiest day.

If you’re single, choose artwork that represents the type of relationship that you want to call in.

Have a look around your bedroom.

Does this represent rest, romance, and relaxation? If not, it’s time to let it go and start to really become more intentional about this space.
If you need to use this room for dual purposes, can you create a boundary between the zones?
It’s all about using what you have and creating a realistic situation.

I have created an ultimate checklist guide for you to make sure you’re implementing the best practices for every single room in your home. Download the checklist here.

In the comments, I would love to hear what one thing you’re going to take out of your bedroom to improve its energy.