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Feng Shui your Business

Create a thriving business using Feng Shui

Just like setting up systems, creating marketing and sales plans, and setting quarterly benchmarks, Feng Shui is a strategy for business success. It is the “it” factor between having a business that’s surviving to a business that is thriving… and I’ve seen it happen over and over and over again! I’ve had the absolute thrill of helping thousands of people around the world use Feng Shui to optimise their homes and workspaces for more success, cash flow, and expansion.

“Boom it works. It was the biggest month – revenue-wise – for my company. We also landed our largest client ever.” – Monika Jansen

Ready to get started? The following are specific Feng Shui tips that you can start implementing today to turn your office into a money machine and your home into a PowerHouse for manifesting the life of your dreams.

Feng Shui Your Office

Your office is critically important to your business’s success. Of course, it’s where you perform the majority of your business tasks but it is also the key to attracting (or blocking) the type of energy that brings in growth, wealth, success, and prosperity.

Whether you work from home, from an office building, or just anywhere you can set up a laptop, here are key Feng Shui steps you can take to ensure your business grows, makes money, and achieves incredible levels of success.


This is a MUST for a happy, productive and successful business no matter where you work. Your office and desk are the visual representation of your business. Tune in now and ask… How do I feel when I walk into my office? How do I feel when I look at my desk? What energy do I have when I sit in my chair?

If you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or anxious, take a deep breath, look around, and take note of what’s in your office space and how it’s organised. Very likely, there are things that are blocking your creativity and flow in your business.

Clear out and make space for new opportunities and make your office reflect exactly how you want your business to grow and expand. And don’t forget to digitally declutter, too! Organise your computer desktop and folders, clear out your email and unsubscribe from newsletters that are no longer relevant to you.

Get Organised

Once you declutter and clear out everything you can, there will certainly be materials that you need or want to keep. From tax forms and contracts to favourite business books, there is a Feng Shui way to organise everything!

Closed storage is ideal for what you have to keep so get filing cabinets and storage cabinets with solid doors. If you have open shelves, store whatever you can in attractive baskets and boxes that are clearly labelled.

Colour Code your Files

  • Investment and banking account information and statements in red folders.
  • Bills into blue or black folders so they aren’t energised.
  • Clients in green folders for growth.
  • Prospective clients in red folders.
  • Things you would like to manifest in purple folders; purple is the colour of magic.

Empower your Desk

Next item on the list is an easy fix that makes an incredible impact on your business and your energy: arrange your desk and chair in Power Position. To do this, move your desk so that you are able to see the door and have your back to a wall. This way, you see all opportunities coming your way and nothing is sneaking up behind you.

Now get yourself a great chair. It’s not just about comfort. Your office chair represents being supported physically AND emotionally and spiritually. Sit in a place of POWER and start loving the way you feel and attracting amazing opportunities and sales.

Office Art

Art is POWERFUL! Be very careful of what art you have in your office, around your desk, and even your computer desktop wallpaper. First take stock of what you currently have displayed… Does it represent how you want to feel? Your business goals? The type of business you want to have? If the answer is no, move it out of your office right away! Whatever you choose to have in your office, make it inspiring! Make sure that it makes you feel GOOD, productive, and represents your goals (maybe literally but also how you want to feel).

Optimise Your Home (and Life!) with Feng Shui

Now that your office is ready to attract incredible success and wealth, it’s time to look at the rest of your home. Feng Shui is at its most powerful when each area in your home is optimised and working insync. Honestly, once you turn your whole home into a PowerHouse, the results are mind-blowing!

Start with three key areas that will support your business and attract your dream life: Prosperity & Abundance (SE), Career & Life’s Journey (N), and Creativity & New Beginnings (W).

Prosperity & Abundance Area (SE)

In the south-east area of your home, the space represents wealth, prosperity, and abundance. This is not just about money, although it does include money. The wealth you see represented here includes the abundance of love, joy, happiness, connection, and friendships. Abundance
of everything.

Abundance Attractors

  • Create a prosperity bowl of overflowing abundance. Every time you look at the bowl, affirm to yourself: “I have an infinite supply of money. I am abundant.”
  • Add in luxury items and art that make you feel abundant or prosperous.
  • Add upward-growing plants such as bamboo, jade plants, or ferns (but avoid cacti!).
  • Include symbols or pictures of anything that represents wealth and abundance to you and your culture.

Career & Life’s Journey Area (N)

The north area of your home represents your career and life’s journey, which includes your current job or the business you run, as well as what you want to do in the future. Your life’s journey encompasses all different parts of your life, not necessarily just your job, but also the roles you play.

When a famous movie director was going for his third Oscar, he engaged a Feng Shui consultant. She went to his house and one of the enhancements she made was to move his first two Oscar statues from his office into his career area. She then added a third (replica!) Oscar along with the two real ones to anchor the intention. He now has three real Academy Awards.

Successful Career Attractors

  • Add items and symbols that represent your desired career and aspirations – dream big!
  • When going for a big contract, place a description and something symbolising the target client or job in this area.
  • Post a list of your top interests and goals.
  • Include a spiritual statue of the goddess QuanYin and/or Tara.

Creativity & New Beginnings Area (W)

The west area of your home represents creativity, children, fertility, your inner child, and new beginnings. This area is all to do with what you want to birth. There are many aspects to this area, so you must ensure that you tune in to the ones you wish to enhance the most. So, what do you want to create? What do you want to launch, or birth, in your business? What new things do you want to bring into the world?

Creativity & New Beginnings Attractors

  • Place pictures or objects that represent creativity or inspire you creatively in this area.
  • Keep your art or creative supplies here.
  • Scatter seeds into a bowl and place it in this area to symbolise new beginnings.
  • Place visuals that represent any creative or writing retreats you wish to attend.
  • Include a spiritual statue for the goddess of creativity, Saraswati.

While these three areas may have a stronger, direct impact on your business, know that in Feng Shui, each area of your home is interconnected and influences your business. So even though the “Love and Relationship” area may not seem relevant right away, it’s still integral to attracting the life and business that you crave.

If you feel like the same-old tactics and habits aren’t helping you thrive in your business, Feng Shui for Business is the key! Start energising your business and attracting the money you’ve dreamed of… so you can live the LIFE of your dreams.

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