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Feng Shui Your Closet

You know that feeling when you walk into your closet and just can’t find anything to wear? You’re not alone. A cluttered, disorganized closet can make getting dressed a total nightmare. But with a few simple Feng Shui techniques, you can organize your closet and create an oasis of style in your home. So read on for our best tips on how to Feng Shui your closet!

I am so excited to share with you on how to Feng Shui your Closet. You may be wondering, “oh Feng Shui my closet, she’s gonna tell me to throw everything out!” but that is not the case. We are going to dive deep into the practice of Feng Shui to call in what it is that you want and to make a space that you absolutely love, and everything in your wardrobe feels amazing. 

Where do we start with Feng Shui’ng your Closet? 

First I want you to open it and have a look and see how you feel? Do you feel like, “oh my god, my closet!” or do you feel like, “oh my god, I love everything here and there’s so much space for amazing things”

That is going to be an indicator of what level of work you’re going to have to do with Feng Shui’ng your closet, but honestly don’t be daunted because when you start to Feng Shui your closet, you are going to feel so much happier and brighter and also so much more fulfilled with what you are wearing every single day. Come into that place and decide how you feel and then just go:

“I’m letting that go and I’m making a decision to create a closet and Feng Shui my closet in a way that actually makes me feel really good. That everything in here is going to make me feel great”.


Clothes from a very non-attached place

I want you to go through your clothes from a very non-attached place and go through them and look for clothes that have tears, rips, that are worn, really old, maybe saggy. Those clothes are going to come out and be taken out immediately.

If you are wearing clothes that are old, ripped, broken buttons, torn, or they’re all saggy. They are depleting your energy. Feng Shui is all about life, all about chi, all about things being vibrantly alive but if things have rips or tears, they’re depleting your energy. Even if you don’t notice it when you’re wearing it, it’s just not going to feel so good. And what does that say about you if you’re just holding on to old clothes, that feel saggy and not so good or have rips and tears?. You don’t want that depleting energy on you ever. So that’s the first layer of clearing from your wardrobe. Go through them and see what is just not actually in good working order.

Your underwear drawer

Yes, tackling the underwear drawer is one of my favorite places because sometimes we can find some really bizarre things in the knicker drawer that we’re like how do I still have this? Do I really want to wear this tiny pair of knickers or are these ones gone a bit saggy and gross?.

The first thing again, go through our underwear drawer and make sure that everything fits us, that it’s beautiful and vibrant. If it’s not, don’t worry, just let it go. When we start to let go of things out of our wardrobe and our underwear drawer we start to make space for new things. If our underwear drawer is jam packed, and so is our closet, there’s no space for new things. So we want to be able to open our door clearly to see what’s there and also recognize what are the things that I could be calling in new to really feel good.

Your underwear is such a powerful one because it’s something you wear every single day and imagine every day putting on new underwear and bras that you feel so happy and joyous and comfortable in, and that’s like a gift for you.

Look at things that may not fit

We can have items in our wardrobe that don’t fit us properly and to be honest, sometimes those pieces can be loaded in guilt because they’re either too small or too big, and our size has fluctuated.

What I would say to you is go through your wardrobe and find the things that fit you perfectly. That’s where you are right now, there is so many amazing resources out there and I want to specifically call out Gina Swire, who’s a beautiful self love and body harmony mentor because she’s inspired me so much about just letting go of any of the guilt, shame, worry or just stress about clothes, my body and just being like this is where I’m at and I’m gonna have what I absolutely love in my wardrobe and it doesn’t fit me whether it’s too big or too small, just let it go and realize that there is plenty more amazing clothes out there. There’s plenty more gorgeous pieces that you’re calling in but right now, if your closet is full of things that are too big, too small every time you walk in there, you’re going to feel this kind of weird feeling and mixed emotions. We don’t want that and that is actually going to create disharmony inside of us, which is not what Feng Shui is about.

Feng Shui is having harmony, balance, peace and joy. That’s what you want when you move in and look at your closet. It’s time to cut those cords and release them. Now you should be looking at your wardrobe and seeing “Wow, these pieces are pieces that I feel good in. They are comfortable and they all are in good working order”. This also gives you an opportunity to just see some hangers, maybe find some new pieces that you forgot all about that were in your wardrobe and can start to realize that it’s opening up and that’s what Feng Shui is also about.

It’s about having more ease, flow, and more energy in that place. Those pieces that could have been too big, too small or that are ripped or broken or not working fully they are creating stagnancy in your wardrobe. They haven’t been touched or worn, they’re actually depleted, creating stagnancy so there’s no chi or flow in that space. Good idea as we let go, you’re like “Wow, it’s opening up!”. 

Every single piece that you have now maybe you’ve got two pieces, 10 pieces, 20 pieces. I want you to hold every piece and just thank it. Thank it for the joy brought to you, thank it for what it calls into your life, and then I want you to think about what you’re replacing it with.

  • So maybe you’re letting go of these big skanky knickers that you don’t like anymore and you’re going “I’m going to call in the most comfortable, amazing, soft, luxurious new underwear in replacement of that”.
  • You’re looking at this ball gown that you haven’t worn in like 10 years and you’re like, “Oh that dress, I’m letting go of that to bring in a beautiful dress that I wear every day that brings me so much joy and it’s so comfortable and happy and I’m letting go of it”.

There is a lot there to take in, so I would say take baby steps. Start with maybe just one of those things, you don’t have to do it all in one go. I know what I like to do is just like one cupboard at a time. So maybe you’re going to decide to do your lingerie and clear that out and feel how good it feels. To be honest, when you start with Feng Shui’ng, it’s like exercise. You’re building that muscle and you’re building that muscle of letting go. 

So let go of the things that don’t have so much emotive value like the knickers, the socks, and then move on to the closet. Let go of the things that are not working and then on to things that may have more emotional value, but each and every one of them decide what you want to replace it with. Maybe you’re letting go of a pair of jeans that have a rip and then you’re welcome in brand new amazing jeans that are even more comfortable, beautiful and sexy on you.

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