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Feng Shui Your Entryway

Feng Shui your entryway, the front door is a place where you greet people, where you come in and out, and basically everything in your life comes in through the front door it’s how vital and important it is. 

When people say to me where to start with Feng Shui, I always say start at the front door. It is the mouth of your home. I’m going to give you a little deep dive and secret surprise behind the scenes of my own front door, my own entrance, what I have at my entryway, and some best practices. Every house is very unique, but I’ll give you some really good best practices and ideas that you can do and implement for your own Feng Shui.


Avoid Mirror Facing You

The first one is that when you open the front door of your home, one thing we just want to avoid is a mirror facing you. So when you open up the front door we don’t recommend a mirror facing you because the mirror will reflect the energy back out. Your entrance way to your home, the windows are actually the eyes of your home. I would highly recommend cleaning your windows, making sure they’re clean and clear. I know my own personally need a bit of a clean now. But when we clean the windows, we’re basically clearing away any of the fog from where we’re going. We can see where we’re going, but also we can see what is coming for us as well. 

I hope you enjoy the welcome video into my own front door, my own entrance. This is part of my Feng Shui mini course, which is a deep dive into Feng Shui for foundation to get really an understanding of what it is, how it works, and actually how it can help you improve your life because isn’t that what it’s all about? Amplifying and improving your life, that’s what I think, and I believe Feng Shui does and has done for so many of my clients around the world. 

The front door of our house, the front door is the mouth of your home. It’s where the energy comes in. It’s where we want to welcome in all of that chi and good vibes and we want to make it as inviting as possible. So first thing you’re gonna see at our front door, I have some little ornaments out of my front door which I love. Now our homes are our homes and what we bring in and what we have in our home. The most important thing is that it really feels good for you. 

So at the front door, I have a little laughing buddha, I also have a ganesh who is the remover of obstacles. These are not necessities at your front door, what is a necessity or what is important at your front door is: 

  • it looks clean 
  • Inviting
  • The doorbell works
  • The lights work 
  • It got a nice welcome mat 

If you are going to get yourself a new welcome mat, we definitely want something that makes you feel good and uplifts you and resonates with you. So it could be “Welcome”, it could be a “Happy Home”. We definitely don’t want to be one of those ones like, “Beware of the dogs” or “Beware scary things”. Those kinds of sarcastic mat can really create an energy that isn’t that supportive when you’re coming into your home. We want it to be like arms open, “Welcome, Come on in”. First thing I would say make sure your front door is nice, easy to open and clean as well. So when you open your front door, you want your spirits to rise. You want to feel like “I’m so happy to be home”, and also for what you see to inspire you. 

In this house we are fortunate enough that when you open the front door, we do have a wall that we can put a piece of art on. In some houses you will have different instances where the front door, you come in and you may have heard in Feng shui that having the stairs facing your front door is not good Feng Shui or having a back door facing the front door is not good Feng Shui. There’s a lot of information about Feng Shui out there. Some of that is true, but the idea of the front door facing the back door, you can’t structurally change it. So what I would say to you is don’t overthink it, let’s focus on all the other things that you can do around your home. Start to think about okay, well right now I have an opportunity to do some other things. So in that front entrance, can you put a picture on the wall that makes you feel really great?. 

As I touched on earlier, the front entrance is a very important space. So having things that feel abundant and not necessarily abundant, but feel good and uplifting for you is a great idea. So you could have a lovely family photo that feels good here. You could have an image that is just uplifting and beautiful and welcoming, some flowers or a plant it’s up to you. 

With your entrance, I would say to try and keep it clear of clutter. Make sure the door opens fully when you come in like if you do have a big coat rack with loads of coats on it clear as many out so the door can open fully, so that it doesn’t feel overwhelming when you come in. You want to just tune in to your own energy when you open up your front door. What do you see? How do you feel? And is there any way that you could make it feel a bit brighter? Lighter and happier?.

Go take action on everything that I share also, don’t forget to sign up to get the rest of the free Feng Shui mini course. There’s tons of incredible content there that you’re going to absolutely love and to inspire you a little bit more.

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