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Feng Shui your First Apartment

We are going to talk about getting your first apartment. So this is such an exciting time and of course, when you move into your first apartment, you want to make sure you’re doing everything correctly.



Yes, I hear you. I have a little story to tell you because the first time I moved into my first apartment I did lots of Feng Shui things that helped me to call in my husband. So that was a really great bonus from doing this is that I want you to first of all, now that you’ve got your apartment, is to set your intention. I’ll never forget I literally moved into this apartment and I said to my then new flat mate, “I’m not leaving here until I’m moving out with my husband” and she laughed herself silly and I was like “watch this space lady”. So I did everything I could to Feng Shui my space to call in love.

Now, you may be different. Maybe you are moving in with your partner, or maybe it’s something else that is a priority for you right now. That’s what I want you to set your intention for, this is going to be a supportive environment for what it is that you want to see unfold for you. So maybe it’s more abundance, love, joy, career, success, fame all of those things are within the gamut of your new apartment because your apartment, now it’s your sacred space. Every single part of your space is reflecting a different part of your life. I practice Classical Flying Star Feng Shui and this is not the generic form of Feng Shui that you may have come across and this practice means that every single home, apartment, you know little shed has its own bespoke energetic imprint and that means that the different areas corresponds to different parts of your life and it’s not just based on the front door or the entrance. 

Where do you start when you get into apartments? Well as I said, it starts before you even move in. I want you to be literally ruthless with what you bring in across the threshold into your new space. This is a fresh new start, I want you to look at everything that comes and what’s about to come over or that maybe in packing stages to say “does this align with my vision for where I am going in my life? What I want to create, or how about this new space to support me?” So for example, that would mean if you had a gift from an Ex and you want to call in love that present from the Ex is not going to align up with that new space. So that’s the time to say goodbye. I want you to really be mindful of every single item and look at it, check it, and say like does this align with my future? Does this align where I’m going? What I want to create?, and if it doesn’t let it go. I want you to start to think about mindfully everything that you’re bringing in. The dishes, the crockery, the furniture, all of that is going to make a difference. So that’s kind of allowing yourself to set a new standard. When we move into a new place it’s like an opportunity to upgrade, uplevel, and create a really new reality for ourselves.

The next thing I would look at in terms of your Feng Shui is to make sure that you’re setting up some of the key places correctly in your home. The three key places for me and our spaces in your home that I like to focus on are:

1. Your front door and your entrance, and I do have a video all about Feng Shui’ng your front door and entrance. I would highly recommend checking that out because it’ll give you a much deeper overview.

2. Your bedroom, when I moved into my new apartment, my bedroom was the focal point and that was because my intention was around attracting in my husband into my life. That’s why you want to start to step back and think where’s my priority? And where I’m going to focus my energy to really optimize the space?. I Feng Shui’d my space for love. Now I have several videos about Feng Shui for love and manifesting my husband that you can check out and they will give you a really good indicator for your bedroom. But I would say, create a bedroom that represents rest, relaxation, and romance and that is going to really create that intention on everything you have in that space. Does this represent rest, romance, or relaxation? If not, it shouldn’t be in your bedroom that would be work equipment, office things, family photos, things that just don’t align with those three words: rest, romance, and relaxation in your bedroom. 

3. The living room, I would then recommend looking at the living room and saying like “what’s this space all about? Think about the artwork we put on the walls, making the space really inviting. I have another video that’s all about Feng Shui and artwork. It’s very, very popular video it’s really supportive. Looking at the walls and looking at them in terms of walls can become your vision board for your new future in this apartment. Giving yourself an opportunity to do that is going to be big.

If you’re in your apartment and you’ve just moved in, what’s the next thing I would say to you? Set up your bedroom, set up your living room, maybe make sure that everything is very intentionally brought in, that feels really good. I’m a big fan of having an empty space as opposed to something that’s just taking up space and there for the sake of it. I’d prefer you to just have nothing there if there’s something that doesn’t mean something or feel positive and uplifting for you. 

The next thing that’s really coming to mind for me is like don’t forget that front door entrance as we talked about, make it welcoming but then the other part of an apartment is that the windows of your apartment are your eyes out into the world. There where you can see where everything is coming at you and also you can see where you are going. This is going to really support you in terms of your windows and I know you will be like “Patricia, what does cleaning my windows have to do with Feng Shui?” But honestly we want to have crystal clear vision about where we’re going and what’s coming at us and that is going to support that because your home is very, very dynamic. 

If you have just moved in and somebody else lived in this apartment before you, my other invitation will be to do a space hearing. A space clearing is an energetic clearing of your apartment to just let go of anything that has unfolded or happens in the apartment before you moved in. 

I have an incredible guide for you that is a checklist that’s going to show you room by room. What exactly you can be doing to improve the flow of energy and activate Feng Shui in your home. This guide and checklist is usually just for my clients, you’re in luck that you’ll be able to get it as a gift from me. You can grab that guide at patricialohan.com/checklist that will move you through every single room to Feng Shui your space and get that flow of all the things that you want coming into your life.

If you take those steps by just intentionally bringing in what is it that you want, really knowing what your vision is for your next level, setting up your bedroom and then looking at the artwork on the walls and clearing the space energetically. Your space will be hopping and super super attractive and supportive of calling in what it is that you want. Happy Feng Shui’ng! 

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