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Feng Shui Your Front Door

This week we’re talking about how to Feng Shui your front door. You can make your entrance more welcoming not only for you to feel good, but to also call in more good things into your life (e.g. money, abundance, client success, love).



Why is the front door important?

Your front entrance is vital because your house has its own personality. If you stand outside your house, you see the eyes are the windows and the front door is the mouth where the energy comes in. When we talk about energy, we’re talking about what you desire, coming in that front entrance. So we want to make sure your front door is attractive, welcoming, and optimized to call in what it is that you want.

There’s many different Feng Shui consultants who prioritize different spaces in your home. For me, your priority is your front entrance. The bedroom is the next space because it’s where we spend a lot of time. My video on how to Feng Shui your bedroom will give you good insights on setting up that bedroom.



The third priority is going to be the office. It’s where you create, where you generate income, and all of that. I have a video about how to Feng Shui your office and optimize it for success, so you can check that out as well.



Step back from you house

Look at your front door and check in with your energy. How does this make me feel? Does it make me feel abundant? Does it make me feel uplifted? Do I get excited when I see it?

For example, are there weeds in the way or is there a nice, clear path? Is there a beautiful mat that says “Welcome” or “Home Sweet Home” on it? That’s really something I would recommend investing in because it shifts your energy before you get into your house.

Is anything broken or not working?

Is the doorbell working? Is there a number on the front door? If the postman has difficulty locating you that means the energy is going to have difficulty getting to you. So we want to make it really attractive and uplifting. When you activate that entrance and make it look good, you start to feel good because you see it & it’s uplifting every time we come into your home.

How to Activate Your Entrance

Add some plants and maybe a welcome sign. I always recommend cleaning the front door. If there are any lights that need to be fixed, we want to make sure everything is in working order. Make sure the front door opens easily because that’s vital.

I want you to stand at your front door and just tune in. How do you feel when you stand there? I’ve seen 1000s of front door entrances. As you open the front door, some houses feel so bright and welcoming. And some don’t feel like that. Some feel overwhelming.

Let’s say you have, for example, a very narrow hallway or narrow corridor. If it’s narrow and dark, how can you make it bright and uplifting? Maybe it needs a brighter light bulb. Maybe you need to take out some of the things that are dark like dark furniture or excess coats. Or something that’s not allowing for the door to open fully and allow the light to come in.

It’s important to check-in and see what is in the space as well. Shoes at the front door can often represent people always coming and going, so no one’s ever really able to settle. So if you have an overload of shoes that could be overwhelming. Can you get a container or shoe rack to put them away? Create a habit of putting them somewhere out of sight & make sure that whatever you have in that entrance area is welcoming.

If you watch my video about Feng Shui for artwork, one of my favorite things to talk about is having a focal point wall. That is an amazing opportunity for calling in what it is that you want, amplifying what you need, or what your vision is. Check out that video on Feng Shui and artwork & think about what piece of art would really make you feel great and inspire you every time you come in.



I hope this resonated with you. I would love to hear what’s the first thing you see when you open up your front door & what are you going to do to improve it. Share with me in the comments I can’t wait to hear.


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