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Feng Shui Your Garage

When we work with houses of Feng Shui, we actually do look at the floor plans of the house and the garage can sometimes be included and sometimes not. For today, we’re going to talk about the garages that are attached or detached, what’s in your garage?, and does it impact what’s happening in your life?.


Garages that are Attached

The first thing we look at in Feng Shui when we work with the client is their floor plans of their house. So that will often dictate whether the garage is something that we would take a lot of heat and a lot of emphasis in and look at, and other times not so much. 

If the garage has been kind of just attached, and it’s not inbuilt into the house as in, there’s no bedroom over it. It’s not connected to the house, we would often just leave that out of our Feng Shui, and we wouldn’t ignore it but we just wouldn’t include it as part of the Feng Shui. But if your garage is built in, for example, like you have the spare bedroom above it and it’s attached to the house, it’s very integrated into the plans of the house. It would certainly be part of your Feng Shui and it would definitely be having an impact on the energy of your home and what’s going on. 

So you might be like, “No, that’s not good news”. What I would say to you is first of all, now you have the awareness, you know that it could potentially be part of your floor plan and part of the nine areas that it could be several of the nine areas that are impacting your life directly. 

(If you want to know more about the 9 Areas, watch my video: Introduction to Feng Shui Areas in your Home.)

Does that mean is that your health area, your career area, your prosperity area could be the garage, which could be a dumping ground and completely disorganized and kind of chaotic. Sometimes many of the garages I’ve seen over the years have been pretty chaotic, and even I just think of our own shed like we have decluttered. We’ve had so many skips come and clear it out and it just accumulates more stuff. 

The very first thing I want to say to you is, don’t be hard on yourself, don’t panic this is a journey with Feng Shui. So if you do have a garage that is enclosed, and very much integrated into your house I would highly recommend to you, first of all just go into the garage and have a look around, and be like:

  • What is in here? 
  • Getting your family on board as well and be like, do we use this? 
  • Do we need this? 
  • What do I need to do? 
  • What do I actually need to do to organize this?

Because it’s not about getting rid of everything. It’s about organizing it, putting some systems in place, and letting go of the things that are not working that it’s like kind of  becoming a collector of junk. That’s what you definitely need to let go of in the garage. 

Now for your car coming in and out, if there’s space, and it’s lovely, clean and organized that’s not a problem at all. But really in the garage, some parts of it can tend to be like a cluttered place that attracts a lot of clutter, and that’s where you definitely want to tackle and let go and release. 

Garages that are Detached

Ultimately the thing is your garage, even if it’s not part of your home it’s still impacting your energy. If you have a garage that’s detached and it’s full of stuff that hasn’t been touched for a long time. It represents unmade decisions and it can really impact and it can make you feel really heavy without even knowing it. Because there’s all these things that you’re still holding on to, but these are kind of not in your house so that you don’t see it. It’s almost like what you can’t see is not impacting you, but it is similar to the unconscious or mind. Like, we get in our car every day and we automatically drive because we’re trained to do it, we’re doing it unconsciously we just know how to drive, but it’s still important that we are aware of it. 

Whereas in the garage, all of that stuff is just accumulating, and it’s creating stagnancy, and no matter where the garage is located around your house, that will still have an effect on that area of your life because it’s still outside and it’s that part. So, I would highly recommend organizing and clearing it out. 

One thing I’ll say to you: I had this exact question in my PowerHouse group a couple of weeks ago, and one of my clients literally was like “oh no, I don’t want to face the shed”. So it’s the same for the shed or the garage. Like I don’t want to face it, it’s just full of stuff like I don’t even know when I go in there. If you do tackle it, you will feel so much lighter, so much brighter, and I can totally testify to us having so many skips out there that we have cleared and we just feel like, that’s all gone. So you’re letting go:

  • A part of your life
  • Parts of things that just don’t serve you. 
  • That is broken
  • That is not working

Getting it all gone you feel so good, but also you’ll find hidden treasure. One of my clients shared that as she was clearing out, she found an old computer case and in it she found all this jewelry that had been tucked away somewhere safe, and she found it all there and she’s like, “Oh my god, I love clearing out my shed” but she also did to set the intention to really keep it organized. So that would be a really important thing to tackle with the garage and the shed. 

I know this might not be the news that you want to hear, but I definitely subscribe to it and the more that you let go of the physical the more you’re going to move to let go of the emotional and the energetic, but also the more space you’re making for new things to come in

For example: if you’ve broken a lawnmower in there and you haven’t been able to replace it, get rid of the lawnmower, make space for the new one to come and then you’ll see it unfold for you, and it really does work like that, and I’ve seen it time and time again. 

Now if you want to learn about other parts of your home, and what they represent, how to set them up and optimize them: your bedroom, your living room, your kitchen, your office, you can come and check out my free Feng Shui mini course

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