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Feng Shui your House with $500

I was asked a great question and it really made my mind spin. The question was I have $500 to spend on my home, how do I implement good Feng Shui? Well, this one was a little bit confounding for me but we have a vision.



First of all, you have a beautiful home and for me when it comes to this $500, probably the first thing I would say if you do that came into my mind was to join my program PowerHouse, because that will give you exactly what you need to get your house balanced in every area. But actually, let’s get started on the little baby steps you can start. I have a guide that will help you with a list of all the do’s and don’ts for every single room, check that out at patricialohan.com/checklist and that is super supportive. 

If we’re kind of getting started the basics, I would say first of all, do my favorite exercise: fresh eyes, start at your front door and start with a little set of fresh eyes and just think how could I upgrade and pimp up my home a little bit more to make it feel fresher, brighter, happier and more aligned with my visioned for what it is that I want to call in my life?. So that starts at the front door having a look at that entrance where everything comes in. The money, the luck and the blessings and get yourself:

  1.  A nice welcome mat
  2. Clean up the front door
  3. Get that doorbell working 
  4. Make sure there’s some nice plants or flowers at the front and 
  5. Open that door up and start to think, “what else could I have in here that I could just change a little bit?”. So whether it’s like putting a nice candle with a beautiful scent, then moving through each room.Checking each room has in it the Feng Shui is being aligned with what’s in your home.

There’s a lot of things we can do for free with Feng Shui and my favorite one that will really lighten the load in your house is obviously decluttering.  The living room specifically have a bit of a look around and see what can I bring in here that would make it feel cozy or more welcoming? What piece of art would I like to have in here? So start to see it’s just like the little finishing touches and will make a really nice difference with it. 

The next thing I would say to you is invest in my book, I have a book called The happy home. This book is really a great starter guide into all the things that you can do in your house and to get started. You will be able to find your prosperity area. We have a whole video now about finding your prosperity area which you can check out and pimping that one up. So once you got your living room sorted, then pimp up your prosperity area whatever it is, wherever it is, take action, watch the video and pimp up the prosperity area. From that you will then get a lot of guidance through my book to guide you through each and every room in your house. But I’m a big fan of then moving on from there to the other space you spent a lot of time in, which is your bedroom. 

The bedroom is a space for rest, romance and relaxation. So maybe it’s a time to just upgrade, upgrade to new sheets or new cushions or maybe get yourself a new pillow. There’s a great book that I read and it was talking about upgrading to like what’s the best in the world. Apparently dunlop pillows are really great pillows, we’ve always had dunlop pillows. It was a thing my dad loves, we have dunlop pillows. And I didn’t realize for like most of my life. I was really like I’ve attached one then here and now I still have them and I realized like they’re apparently the best pillows in the world. So what can you bring in that’s like first class that doesn’t necessarily need to cost a fortune?. And honestly, if you take those few steps like pimping up your front door, doing your living room with some nice touches, maybe getting a little bit of artwork that aligns with your vision, getting a copy of my book and starting to move to that and hopefully you’ll have your prosperity area amped up calling some abundance and then you can join me in my program and you will be able to then get your bespoke report. This report is like gold, clients who have got this report and implemented the remedies based on their specific home have done things like manifested $200,000 worth of money into their life. They have doubled their incomes, they have windfalls of money, and they have also had beautiful success in their relationships, in all of their friendships and in their careers. So if you want to call in  more of those good things, start with the basics and then put it on your vision board. Join me in powerhouse. I’d love to have you there and we will have so much fun in calling and all of that good stuff into your life. 

Ready for more? Check out my Ultimate Feng Shui Checklist and get started on your Feng Shui journey today. Download it HERE.

Feng Shui Checklist