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Feng Shui Your Kitchen

Today we are looking at Feng Shui your kitchen. Yes, your kitchen, which can be the hub of prosperity. It’s very related to prosperity, it may not be the prosperity area of your home, but it can be related to prosperity, also health and vibrancy and it’s where you create, and where you nourish yourself from. 

I am going to actually give you a sneak peek of my own kitchen. So this is a snippet of me talking about my own kitchen and best practices in your kitchen from my free Feng Shui mini course.


Fresh Fruit In Your Kitchen

Bringing in and having in your kitchen fresh fruit is a great idea and the number nine is a very auspicious Feng Shui number it’s the accelerator and improver of things. So if you want to have good communication, joyful connection and more abundance, we recommend having nine oranges in a fruit bowl in your kitchen and living room

The color orange is very connected to communication, and if you open up an orange you see so many different pieces and segments. It’s a very abundant fruit. That’s your first note for this and I hope you enjoy the snippet about Feng Shui’ng your kitchen.

Red in the Kitchen

Our kitchen was actually a high glass red when I moved in here with Ken. Ironically, I also love red and bright colors so it was quite cool for me. When we did our Feng Shui training we discovered that excess fire or red in the kitchen is not ideal. Now if you do have a red kitchen right now, don’t panic. 

There’s lots of things that you can do, there’s other things you can focus on. Red in the kitchen is associated with fire. There’s already the stove, the toaster, the kettle, the cooker, the oven, so there’s a lot of fire elements in the kitchen already. So that’s why we don’t encourage having excess or extra red in the kitchen. Fire can represent burnout, exhaustion, but also kind of rage and anger. So that’s why we want to minimize the amount of red in your kitchen. 

If you do have one of those appliances don’t worry, if things like that don’t happen in your kitchen It’s all good. In general wooden kitchens, cream, just really the main thing is avoiding the red. 

Do’s and Don’ts

Avoid having knives on display

They are still dangerous, they’re weapons and we don’t necessarily recommend having them out on display. We have just set up these units that we got at Ikea where the knives just slot in, into a drawer with them. And again, I don’t recommend the knives on display even on those magnetic ones. If you wanted those magnetic ones you could put them inside a door and just have the knives inside the door but not on display.

Keeping things clear

When it comes to Feng Shui, a really big proponent of keeping things clear. The kitchen is also associated with prosperity, so keeping it as clear as possible, keeping the counters as clear as possible, no clutter and there’s space for abundance and prosperity to come in. 

Fix leaking taps or faucets

Any leaks in general can represent money dripping away. Even if it’s just the tiniest little drip. I often say it like, if you hear that drip it’s like “50 euros gone, 50 euros gone, 50 euros gone or $50 gone”. So be mindful of that and I would encourage you to fix any leaks or drips, anything like that around your house because that will hold the money in, hold the abundance that you’ve been welcoming in. 

If you love this little intro to the behind the scenes of my very own kitchen. I would say to you that there is loads more where that comes from. We had an amazing day recording this Feng Shui mini course to really break down the fundamentals and get you understand what Feng Shui is, how it really works, that you don’t have to move house and there’s some things that might not be right in your house and it’s okay and you can still do Feng Shui. I also break down some areas that we’ve never looked at deeply in my own free trainings and Feng Shui masters don’t really share that often.

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