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Feng Shui Your Living Room

Your living room is the space that you spend a lot of time chilling, relaxing with your loved ones and watching TV, the living room is really a lived in space. It is a very important part of Feng Shui and actually there’s not very many things that you have to do with your living room. 

Typically it is one of the areas that is pretty straightforward, even when I’m looking at someone’s house, I’m like “Yeah, that’s fine, couch has to go there. The TV will only kind of end up in one place”. So this is very simple and easy.



When I recorded the living room I actually was just in my own living room, and we have an inbuilt fireplace. We don’t actually have a mantelpiece over our fire, it’s just the way that it’s built, it’s the stove that’s in the house so there’s no mantelpiece. This is something that I’ve seen in many houses over the years that I definitely don’t recommend in your home. 

On your fireplace we do not recommend having family photos. It might seem the perfect place to put pictures, but if you have been tuning into any of my Feng Shui videos, you will hear about the potency and the power of the fire element, and how the fire element can burn, can destroy, can create arguments, that can increase over eating, it’s a very strong element.

What I would say is over the fireplace, the mantelpiece we don’t recommend family photos. First of all because the fire is underneath them and that can create this agitation and friction among family members and relationships if they have them on over the fireplace. Now, even if the fire is not there, the intention of that space is that there’s a fire underneath it. So even if the fire is not there, I still don’t recommend having them there. Then I would say to you, what will you put up there? 

Things That Don’t Have An Emotive Value

I will put up things that don’t have an emotive value, it’s not a person you know, so no spiritual pictures, no gurus, no family photos. You could put paintings or imagery up there, it’s fine. Other candles, ornaments all are fine, but just people we would not recommend on the mantelpiece. 

This was really showing up very strongly for a client of mine, came back into our community and was sharing the story of visiting her friend and her friend had just redecorated her whole living room, and after a glass or two of wine, the friend confessed to my client that herself and her husband for some reason, after being together for 16 years had just started bickering and fighting way more than ever and she was a little bit concerned about it. 

Now my client who is very well educated and knows the do’s and don’ts of Feng Shui said, “So how long has this been happening? Like is it since you did up the room?” and the woman was like, “yeah, actually just around that time”. When she redecorated her living room, she thought it would be a really nice idea for them to put a picture of herself and her husband over the fire. She got their wedding photo, a big picture of her wedding portrait and had it up over the fireplace from that day, until my client visited they’ve been having these little disagreements that were not normal in their relationship. Needless to say, my client advised her, I think you should replace the picture of the two of you. This is what my Feng Shui teacher says, and I got the report back saying you have definitely made a difference. 

So we just sometimes don’t realize even when we’re changing things around our house or our living room, how it could just literally have an impact on our relationships, or you know our finances very quickly. 

So if you’ve enjoyed this little snippet, go watch and check out the rest of the Feng Shui mini course where you see my own living room and you can also sign up to see the rest of those trainings that will give you a much deeper dive into all areas of the home. 

If you are wondering about why you would do Feng Shui like why do it? What’s the point? Is it not just moving furniture?. Well, in the Feng Shui mini course you will learn more about the deeper levels of it, but for me it is all about the success. It’s all about the wins that I’ve seen of my clients when they have brought their home on board and in balance to support them with creating a much more fulfilling, abundant and joyful life. You’ll hear some of those stories and hopefully that will nudge you in the right direction to take action and start Feng Shui’ng your living room and maybe even more.

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