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Feng Shui Your Morning Routine for a Successful Day

Feng Shui your morning routine for a successful day. There’s been a lot of talk lately about how a morning routine can set your day up for success when creating an intention and purpose in your day. Isn’t that what Feng Shui is all about?

I’m a big fan of the morning routine and Feng Shui just like your morning routine is all about success, flow, and abundance.

Just quickly like to keep a morning, I create a morning routine to keep ourselves on track. With a Feng Shui practice you actually then create a life you love. Now with the morning routine, you actually create the day you love. Yes, the kind of energy of an amazing day that you love because Feng Shui is all about flow and when we think about flow, oftentimes I like to refer to Feng Shui as acupuncture for your home. So we go to the acupuncturist, it’s about getting that energy flowing and everything in flow, it’s about the harmony of this yin and yang energy and we know like life, everything goes in different cycles and it’s the same goes for Feng Shui. So there’ll be times when you’ll be totally in flow, and other times you may be just kicked out.

How can you get into flow and How can you Feng Shui your morning routine for a very successful amazing day?

1. Setting Up Your Physical Environment

The very first thing which is kind of a no brainer when it comes to Feng Shui is setting up your physical environment. Yes, that’s what we’re talking about: set yourself up for success and use your environment as the foundation for it because your environment needs to be calm and balanced. So you’re ready to start the day with a Big Bang! 

You may want to create tomorrow’s to-do list today and start the day with a plan. What are the most important parts of your home and spaces in your home that need to be looked at and tended to to create your day and a successful start to your day and your morning routine? Is your bedroom. I have an incredible guide at patricialohan.com/love it’s all about setting up your bedroom or love to improve love, to attract love, and to amplify love. This guide is going to set you up and set your bedroom up so it is a beautiful, harmonious, loving, and a place that resonates with rest, romance and relaxation. That guide is going to give you tons of tips to set your bedroom up for success with your morning routine and also call in a bit of love or amplify the love and marriage area of your home. (Highly recommend checking that out because if you’re going to be waking up in the morning, you want to know and make sure that your room is supportive that you’ve had a great night’s sleep for the day of success that you’re waking up with.)

2. Be Ready To Embrace Change

The next thing that I feel is so aligned with the idea of Feng Shui and creating a successful morning routine is being able to embrace change. Sometimes the year, the cycles, and our routine may be different. I find it to be like when I’m living in Bali my routine is very different to when I’m living in Ireland or when I’m in Greece. 

When I’m in Bali. I am up at the crack of dawn at 6am off to my yoga practice, but that’s when the sun rises and it’s really bright and early there. Whereas if I’m here in the winter in Ireland I’m like snuggle, snuggle till 8am-ish. So really Feng Shui is very much around being and listening to the cycles and it’s okay if it changes. 

Sometimes we’ve been set into this place of like everything has to be rigid, strong, and strange, but that’s a very masculine approach to our lives. Whereas Feng Shui is about masculine and feminine, the yin and the yang. So we have to listen to that feminine part of our body, of ourselves to kind of allow ourselves to kind of go into that flow. And if you’re not up at six o’clock in the morning, it’s okay. It’s okay to just really allow yourself to follow the cycles and it’s not about being super rigid. It’s doing what suits you, and it’s about tapping into the flow, tapping into that flow and tuning into your body. Change is going to happen so not being fully attached to your morning routine is like the perfect idea of Feng Shui because it’s about flow and if you’re rigid and structured, and stuck with it, you beat yourself up if you don’t get everything done in that morning. You’re going to not enjoy the idea of having a successful day or be able to create it.

3. Knowing What Feels Best For You

The next step is knowing what feels best for you. You may have a really strict routine or you may be someone that’s more with the flow and likes to have different options with their life. 

Now I love this idea, that amazing colleague of mine shares Gina Swire, and she shares about having a morning menu for your morning rituals. I thought this is so amazing because there’ll be some of us that naturally, in Feng Shui each person has their own personal energy and some of us may be more connected to water elements. Water element is more with the flow, whereas others will be much more heavily connected to Metal elements which are very structured and rigid, it’s about checking in and seeing which one suits you. 

This idea of the morning menu felt so good for me because it’s like creating this menu of things that you love doing and you’d like to have on your successful morning routine and then tuning into one and being like this is the one that’s good for me today. Even the night before you kind of think about your morning routine, tuning into your body. As women we also go through different cycles every month, and there’s some times in the month that we’re like we need to sleep and other times that we’re full of energy. So allowing yourself to have that flexibility with the morning menu for your routine can help you a lot. When you pay attention to what it is that you need, you can choose a morning routine that works best for you to make your day successful and really the philosophy Feng Shui is so, so, so ingrained in that idea. 

Your morning routine, as I said, doesn’t need to look the same as your neighbor, your best friend, but it needs to be filled with personal intention and gratitude. I absolutely love to be able to look back on my day at the end of the day and think about the things that went really well and think about the things that I needed to improve or change. And I have a beautiful journal where I put some lines of my soul moment for the day. I also journal what I’m grateful for and just a few notes of what were the key points from that day, my kind of takeaways from the day. I think that really just set me up in a positive state for going to bed so that we can really go into a good night’s sleep so that we’re waking up recognizing and even sometimes I think about how I’m going to get up and do what I’m going to do in the morning.  Just like this morning, one of the top things on my list was I wanted to go for a walk before I started doing all of my videos, and I did that and it gave me loads of energy.

I would love to know one thing that you currently do in your morning routine that sets your day up for success. Share with me your menu and the things that you do because honestly that can inspire other people so we can get ideas. I got that idea from Gina, I also love my little journaling but I’ll throw in different meditations and different things into my morning routine as I feel fit. Some days if I’m in Bali I’m after yoga. If I’m in Greece I hop up myself and Ken, we go for a swim in the sea. I’m not close to the sea when I’m in Ireland, I’m up in the mountains, I’m going to go for a walk. It’s like finding the things that suit you for where you are or what’s going on in your physical body, and what’s happening in nature as well. Watching those cycles is really going to have you tapped in on a much higher level to feed your soul and make your day a fabulous success. 

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