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Feng Shui Your Office – What NOT To Do

Most of us are working from home in one way or another. We need to Feng Shui your office and your workspace to turn the space into one that manifests money, miracles and magic.

The work-from-home life has become all too real for so many of us. How many people were told they could never work from home who are now working from home? Right! It’s a lot.

How is your work and office situation?

Let’s play a game. Close your eyes and imagine your boss or an important client come over to your workspace for a meeting.

  • What would it be like?
  • What would their first impression be?
  • How does your office represent you and your business?

Even if you’re thinking I’ll never let anyone come and see where I’m working, there are still juicy bits in this post that will help your home office situation.

  • Is your space tidy?
  • Is your space professional?
  • Is there loads of clutter?
  • Is it dark with dull artwork?

The place that you work from is one of the most potent places because we want to make sure that it is the most productive, profitable, creative place. You will spend nearly eight hours a day in this space! It is crucial that you get it right.

Start to think about your office space as a priority.

To Feng Shui your office, there are things you can do to create an office that’s really magnetic and attractive to prosperity, success, new clients, abundance, and all the good things.


There are a few things you should NOT be doing in your office: taking the space for granted, sitting in your workspace or your office with your back to the door, sitting on a wonky chair, having loads of cacti or spiky plants in your office space, having unrelated items in your workspace that are not aligned to your vision and your goals, seeing a cluttered screensaver, or desktop,or having unrelated things like your suitcases, your kids toys or your unrelated files in your office.

Now let’s slow down and see why these things are not going to be the optimum things to do or have in your workspace.


If you’re ready to Feng Shui your office, here’s what you should NOT do:

1. Do Not Take The Space for Granted

The reason we don’t want to take your office space for granted is because you spend so much time there. You may spend up to eight hours a day sitting in this space or possibly even more. You want it to be the most inspiring place possible that feels that you can be as creative and productive and comfortable as possible.

I want you to feel excited about being in your office. I want you to say, “Yes, I’m ready to go.”

2. Do Not Sit With Your Back To The Door

I don’t recommend sitting with your back to the door. When you’re sitting with your back to the door, you’re in a very vulnerable position. Basically the energy is coming in and coming behind you so you can’t see what’s coming.

You’re not in your power position.

And you’re living in a place of vulnerability.

There’s a fight-or-flight energy that makes you feel unsteady and not confident. You want to set yourself up ideally by sitting with your back to the wall so you can see the door and see what’s coming at you. You will feel more confident and prepared.

3. Do Not Sit On A Wonky Chair

Our chairs, and anything we sit on, creates a sense of stability. We want to feel stable and supported every day when we work. And sitting on a wonky chair or a chair that’s kind of battered – without any support – will not support you energetically.

You want to have a chair that says, “I’m the boss, this is the boss’ chair, and I feel really, really strong and supported at my chair.”

Can you say that about your chair?

4. Do Not Have Cacti or Spiky Plants In Your Office

I love plants just as much as you do, but there are certain plants to have in your office, and cacti or spiky plants are not the ones. Yes, plants represent growth and even images of plants is a great thing to have in your office, but not cacti or those spiky plants.

Why not cacti?

Well, because they repel the positive energy. And we don’t want anything repelling any positive energy out of your workspace.

5. Do Not Have Unrelated Work Stuff Laying Around

Now, the next thing is to get rid of any clutter not related to your work. Remove any suitcases, kids’ toys, unrelated files, your partner’s books, or your past career’s documents. These things block the energy that you’re calling in. And they’re literally also distracting your concentration.

When you come into your workspace, you want to feel focused, creative, and productive because that’s where you’re going to do your best work.

So it’s time for a big clear out of anything that is unrelated to your work. You want to start to have things in your office that make you say, “Yes, I love this. I feel great.”

6. Do Not Have A Cluttered Screensaver or Desktop

Just like you don’t want to come into your office and see piles of kids’ toys or your husband’s fishing books, you don’t want to see a cluttered screensaver or desktop.

Create organized folders on your desktop (or in the cloud!) that are clearly labeled so you know what files are for home, the family, work, your side-hustle, and plans for your next trip. You’ll feel less overwhelmed and more confident knowing you know exactly where all of the files should be.

My quick trick for this is getting finished quickly is to select all files and pop them into one folder and giving myself a lot of time to sort through them properly. And just delete, delete delete.

We want to have something on your screensaver that is super inspiring. Maybe it’s your vision board, maybe it’s a picture of your family. Maybe it’s something that you’re working towards, and you’re calling in. Your screensaver should reminds you of why you’re doing this work. There should be space to call in things and the same goes for your desk.

By following these simple steps, your workspace should be aligned with where you want to go in your career, the artwork in your space to be aligned and inspiring as well.

Now, your office is really ready for your boss or a client to be able to walk in, sit down and sign some paperwork, even if that will never happen, because honestly, it will just make you feel so good when you come into your workspace every single day.

So take the time to create an office space that will accelerate your productivity, your profitability and your creativity. It’s so, so, so important because it’s going to accelerate your career forward creating enough space that aligns with where you are going.

Check out my free guide to Feng Shui Your Office. It gives you loads more helpful tips to create an office full of positive energy that attracts prosperity, abundance, and all the good things in it to your life, your career, and your business.


In the comments, tell me ONE thing you are going to do to Feng Shui your office for more energy and abundance?