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Fengshui Friday: Feng Shui and Emotional Health

Sometimes we fail to realize how much our physical environment affects our emotional health, our joy and happiness. When we look at our physical environment and take action about it, we create a space for whatever it is we want to call into our lives. But where do you start? On this Feng Shui Friday episode of Live Your Dreams Awake, Patricia offers tips on how to mirror your physical environment to how you feel on the inside.

Not only that, you’ll hear from Suzanne what happened to her life after she signed up for the Powerhouse program.  In fact, she never would have thought about all the amazing things that happened and are still happening in her life, when she started to fine tune everything to this work.

REMEMBER – “Feng Shui is about bringing your environment into a         space of harmony and flow.”


  • Decluttering is the key.
  • Let go of something that is broken or chipped.
  • Artworks or items that are associated with negativity.
  • Three places that are important to look into – the attic, the basement and the shed.
  • Patricia’s free gift – a guide/checklist that will activate feng shui in your home.
  • The account of Suzanne’s Powerhouse journey and the tangible result she achieved from it.
  • The “My Vision to Reality” Program and what it has done for Suzanne.
  • What Suzanne would you say to people who are thinking of joining the Powerhouse Program.
  • Suzanne’s experience in terms of the support she’s getting from the community.


Video: Feng Shui and Artwork

Free checklist/guide to discover on how to embrace feng shui in your homes 

Sign up for the Powerhouse Feng Shui Masterclass


“A lot of times when things get shelved in the attic, they still stay here, like weighing down on you. – Patricia Lohan

“I would have never just known which direction I should be focusing on to just do my creativity to totally finetune my thinking into doing that work.” – Suzanne Butler

“It just generated the most amazing energy around everything I am doing.” – Suzanne


“When your house is ready it is there to support you.” – Patricia Lohan


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