Feng Shui Friday: Feng Shui and Mirrors, Dos and Don’ts - Patricia Lohan | Feng Shui Expert
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Feng Shui Friday: Feng Shui and Mirrors, Dos and Don’ts

In this episode of Live Your Dreams Awake is another incredible Feng Shui tip from Patricia about mirrors! It is all about how mirrors can amplify and double what you want in life. This feng shui tip includes the proper placement of your mirror inside your house, not keeping a broken mirror inside your house, and so much more! We all have superstitions but remember that Feng Shui is not a superstition, it is an ancient practice started a long time ago and an art that promotes balance and harmony. Wanna know more about this tip? Stay tuned for more Do’s and Don’ts’ of using a mirror inside of your lovable homes.

Also, you will be hearing a great conversation that I had with Nicola who had immediate results – literally quick results in just two days. And to think that she had been sitting on the idea for three years before finally signing up! Some of us dilly dally on the thought without realizing that this can certainly drag for years and the transformation and success are just there waiting to be unblocked. Start realizing that this can be the best decision you will have made in your life and let that wonderful energy flow into your homes and your life.

REMEMBER – “If you know that this is what you need to change your circumstances, just do it.”


  • What propelled Nicola to finally join the Powerhouse after 3 years of sitting on the idea?
  • What was Nicola’s immediate win after putting in the last remedy into her house?
  • Nicola’s message to people who are thinking of joining the program and why she cannot recommend it enough?
  • The real and actual effect of joining the Powerhouse program.


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“If I can get that for him, I can definitely get that for our house, too.”- Nicola

“We want our partners to be happy ‘coz it’s gonna improve our lives, as well.” – Patricia

“The money just comes, like anytime there something that needs to be paid, the money just appears every month for the payment.”- Nicola

“If you know that this is what you need to change your circumstances, just do it.” – Nicola


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