I’m heading to Ireland much earlier than planned (ssshhh don’t tell my mum it’s a surprise).

I was packing my suitcase (again). I’m rocking out to Chic.

The scene was messy.

Clothes scattered everywhere.

Sorting the Hell Yes’s it has to come with me to the Oooooh defo time to say bye bye to those scraggly knickers…
(Eck how did those yokes get past my last declutter??)

I wander out to the balcony.

I come eye ball to eye ball with…

A huge frog… ( I know they don’t bite, but still it was a big fella!)

We had a stand off. Me v’s the frog.

He just sat there, he wasn’t budging.

Ok what does a frog mean?

What’s the animal spirit kingdom trying to tell me..

I get onto my trusty encyclopaedia – (aka Google)

This is what it said…

Totem Meaning of Frog:

The symbolism of the frog appears in many traditions around the globe. This animal is generally associated with the water element and its cleansing attributes. The frog is symbolic of:
* Cleansing
* Renewal, rebirth
* Fertility, abundance
* Transformation, metamorphosis
* Life mysteries and ancient wisdom

Once I read this I knew I was on the right track because… life is going the right way (even if it feels nuts moving again).

The message resonated so perfectly since it’s…

– The exact time I’m decluttering (cleansing)
– leaving Bali (rebirth I’m never the same after a stint in Bali)
– Upgrading the Business & planting seeds about new things in the biz (fertility & abundance)
– Totally reconfiguring things in the biz (transformation & metamorphosis)
– Heading to Ireland for a week of deep sacred land clearing & shamanism (life mysteries & ancient wisdom)

Do you get the jist. Perfection.

I look up & the frog had vanished!

All it took was acknowledging mr froggy & taking a moment to realise he was was giving me a message..affirming I’m on the right track.

In Feng Shui animals are so auspicious and a huge part of the tradition.

I love that each once has its own unique message & the universe is sending you messages all the time.

You just have to be open to seeing them.

As the message they are sending could be literally right under your nose.

It’s been zoo like at our house these past weeks & the animals have been teaching me so much by just the way they are being.

From watching our fostered cat ‘lucky’ at our home nurturing & loving herself (if she doesn’t who will) the ultimate self care guru (taking naps where & when she feels like it), rest & asking for what you want (I’m hungry & I’m going to bug you until you sort me out!)

The huge spider – who weaves his dream into existence from nothing.

The squirrels who plays all day in the trees whilst having a great balance of work & play, yet always having nuts stored away for a rainy day!

There is always another way of looking at things that are ‘just normal items’ that we take for granted.. just like what I shared on this TV segment I did a few months ago….

Has something ever given you the exact message you were looking for unexpectedly?

I’d love to hear your story… hit reply & let me know!

Love from the air,

Patricia xx

P.S. if you missed it my friend Theo’s has been helping bring a magical movie and documentary series out to the world – where his friend spent … years travelling the world interviewing some of the most well known indigenous elders, wisdom keepers, thought leaders healers and shamans. You can watch it here for free!

P.P.S. There are still tickets available for the one day event in Ireland.. (click here)  It’s gonna be great! I’m getting more excited as I get closer to the country!

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