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Fun Fengshui Friday: How Can I Bring Good Energy to Me using Feng Shui

Every week, I do a Q&A session for our series of “Fun Feng Shui Friday”, a really fun section of our Live Your Dreams Awake podcast. I am so excited to do this session today and I will be answering questions submitted to me and that is, “How do I get good energy coming to me?”

This is a powerpack question and really the answer is in Feng Shui. It brings good energy to you using the power of your house. So where do you start in your house?

We’re going to start with the basics – your front door.

So, let’s have fun this Friday!

REMEMBER – “If you don’t use the front door, it’s starving.”


  • Your house is one of the untapped resources that you can have to bring in good energy.
  • Where do you start – the front door of course. (… is it inviting?)
  • A consultation to help a lady sell her house.
  • What’s wrong with using the backdoor?
  • An invitation to listeners to share what they intend to do with their entrance. (can submit before and after pictures)