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Get a Promotion and Grow your Career with Feng Shui

Get a Promotion and Grow your Career with Feng Shui

Are you aiming for a big promotion but aren’t sure how to make it happen? Do you want to grow your career and become wildly successful? You can use Feng Shui to call in exactly what you want in your career. 

This is a topic that I LOVE and get so excited about… I’ve seen so many of my clients follow these exact steps to get their next big promotion or a new job that totally catapults their success to new heights. It’s so exciting and you can totally achieve this too with Feng Shui. 

Let’s dive right in to cover four specific steps you can take to set yourself up for career success and to call in your next promotion. 

Write Down What you Want

The very first thing I invite you to do is to write down what you want. The truth is, if you don’t tell the Universe what you want, the Universe isn’t going to give it to you. If you don’t declare it and actually say, “I want a new job. I want a promotion,” it’s not going to happen! 

So my invitation first is for you to sit down and write down your dream job, and have FUN with it! Imagine that I have a magic wand and I’m saying to you, This is everything that you could imagine from this promotion… an amazing team, a new car, more travel…  Whatever it is, write it down and get it ALL down. 

You might be thinking, I don’t really know what I want… If that’s true, then the easiest way to figure out what you want is to think of what you don’t want. Then look at the opposite. Literally go, “Yikes, I don’t want that.” Then ask yourself, what’s the opposite of that? Now write it all down. 

Don’t skip on the writing portion… It’s really important because when you write it down, that’s when the magic happens. There’s amazing studies done about when you write down your goals, the chances of them happening are like 100 times more.

Create an Affirmation and Set your Intention

The second step is creating an affirmation or intention that supports that promotion. A while back (like a decade ago…), I quit my job and moved to India to become a yoga teacher. I thought I was going to be in India for a month… but I ended up there for nearly a year! Honestly, I did not know what I was going to do in my life. I trained in yoga, I trained in sound healing, all these random things, and I didn’t know what my job was going to be or even if I could get a job! 

So, I started reciting this affirmation: I work at a job I truly enjoy doing, working with people I love, who love me, expressing my creative talents daily. 

When I came back from India, I discovered that it’s a very different type of lifestyle here in Ireland and so I added: And getting really well paid.  

Now the reason why I’m sharing my affirmation with you is to show you that your affirmations or intentions don’t have to be all about a stuffy job description or a specific job title. What it needs to have is the essence or the feeling of what you desire.

When you create an affirmation for yourself, think about what it is that you truly want… how you want to feel… what kind of environment or people or whatever! Just put it out there and you’ll be amazed about how much it will help you get clarity on what you really want.

Feng Shui your Home’s Career Area

The Career Area of your home is the North part of your home and has a huge influence on your own career, your job, and your success. (To find your Career Area, use a compass to find the part of your home facing North.) 

The first thing I recommend is decluttering and clearing it out. You want to make space for this new job or promotion in your life and getting rid of clutter and tidying up will provide that extra room. 

This is also an optimal area to put your intention that you wrote down, a job description or company logo, or anything else that represents this new promotion or career path. 

One of my clients had set an intention on working for a new company and so she put that company’s logo in her Career area… and it worked! It’s as if adding those specific elements anchors your intention and makes it that much more ripe for manifesting magic!

Let Go of your Current Job

The fourth key to using Feng Shui to get a promotion and grow your career is to start letting go of your current job. Clear out old files, get rid of projects that are over and done with, remove anything that anchors you to that position or that job from your office or work area. This goes for all of your digital files, emails, voicemails, and the like! 

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Think to yourself, If I was leaving this job, what do I need to do to prepare? Do you need to make SOPs? How could you prepare for a smooth transition? Start doing these things now, as if it’s your reality (because soon it will be!). And don’t forget a super practical tip… boosting your LinkedIn profile! Put it out there to the Universe… and the social universe 🙂

Next Steps

When thinking about how to call in your next promotion or your dream career situation, start by getting super clear about what you want, make space in your Career Area, and then clear out things associated with your current job. Then start exploring how Feng Shui can help boost every area of your life! 

There’s lots of other things that you can do around your home to bring your home into balance and harmony and make sure that everything is lined up. I cover all of that in my Feng Shui Mini Course, which is a behind the scenes course that covers how to get the most out of Feng Shui and to get started with it. It also includes a walk-through of my office that I share with Ken and I make specific suggestions that will help you boost your career. 

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