I just wanted to share something today about my passions. 

People always say to me, “Patricia, it’s so great that you’re able to  speak up and you’re not afraid of speaking up and sharing your voice” 

And I was like, Oh no, no, I wasn’t always like this. 

Growing up, I actually always had lots of  bad sore throats, and I always had animal infections in my throat.

When I moved to India to do  yoga teacher training, this girl used to come in and share the house with me and she would sit in the room and do chanting in the room next door. 

I’m like, “I want to know more about that”. So I went to see her and went to chanting lessons. 

I want to do that because that made me feel really good. I went to the chanting teacher and said I don’t want to learn to sing. I want to learn how to chant. 

Her belief is basically that we all have a beautiful voice. 

We all have an image, we all have a voice, and it’s the most powerful instrument that we have. 

When we activate that and start working on our voice and our throat chakra, we become better at expressing ourselves. 

We become freer..

We get to clear so much stuff out of our bodies, out of our emotions, out of everything, so it’s so good. 

So I went to this class every single day with her and she started teaching me these Indian chants and then all of a sudden, she taught me a song.

She wanted me to learn a song and she said the first thing we’re going to do is learn this chant from Ganesh. Ganesh is the remover of obstacles. 

Within two weeks, she had me basically singing at the top of my lungs, singing a song, and I loved that song so much. She just basically helped me activate my throat, which then led me into the world of kirtan and chanting. 

This morning when I was sitting here, I was listening to some of the mantras and I was like, “Oh my god, this is such a passion for me like using my voice in singing”. 

And now we’re here and the reason I wanted to do this because for me, it  gives me such a place of peace and bliss to be able to connect with it. 

I’ve been saying I would start a singing circle for a long time. And I’ve just been too scared. And it’s not that I’m scared of standing up and singing. Because after me being in India I got confidence. 

I remember I decided that I would learn a song to sing at my sister’s wedding. While singing, everyone was crying and emotional. And they were like, “you could take it too far”. Oh my god!!

While singing the song I was so scared. The reason I was so scared to do it was because the song meant so much to me and it felt so powerful in my transformation for me in terms of activating my throat. 

My passion is singing. This is one of the things that we often just forget that we can do for ourselves to bring ourselves so much joy and to fill ourselves up. That’s why I love sharing the playlist and sharing all of that as well. 

I will share some of the mantra songs over the next while with you because some of them just have so much meaning. There’s one that I’ve been doing every morning and the meaning of it is just like, all is perfect, all is perfect, everything is perfect, everything is perfect. No matter what’s going on in the world, we can just tune into this powerful vibration of the energy of a song of music and connect in with this and it can really just bring us so much joy .

I would love to hear what your passions are outside of your work. 

It’s finding things that we love to do outside and that feed us and that can be a really difficult thing too. 

And it’s been very difficult for me to give myself the time to do it. But now that I’m here, it’s like, I feel like the whole thing that’s going on in the world is actually giving us a chance to say, what do I want to do for myself?

What can I do for myself, that’ll make me feel good? 

This is your invitation for you to go do find the thing that makes you feel good. 

Singing in the shower and singing along to songs used to make me feel good, but this one in particular, like now, that’s really my passion. 

So that’s my little passion outside of my work.

Give yourself a chance to think about the things that make you feel good, and that alone will just change everything for you. 

My singing is more like the spiritual chanting, but I also just love going to choir. 

Go share your passion with me and go do what fills yourself with joy.

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