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Have More Fun in Life with Feng Shui

Fun, Fabulous, Feng Shui

The first thing I want to share with you around your home is the fact that it’s a mirror of you and then we’re going to dive into some things that you can do around your home to tap in to creating an environment that is more fun and then create more fabulous things unfolding for you in your life. 



The very essence of your Feng Shui and I actually sometimes call it Fun Shui and so many of my clients over the years have literally been like “it’s fun!” because you’re starting to do something for you. You’re starting to connect with the energy of your home for a greater purpose, that it’s not just that piece of furniture that it’s practical and functional. It’s about tapping into it, creating, and bringing in pieces that feel good, that feel aligned. 

Now, if you are standing outside your front door and you feel low, it feels heavy when you’re looking at your home, this needs to change!. What we really want is that when you drive into your home and you see it, you come in, and you’re like “Oh My God, I’m so happy to be here, I love this place”. The plants outside, I love them. The welcome mat makes me smile. The doorbell is working. I love the color of the front door. All of the little tiny touches and this is a big part of the journey with Feng Shui. 

Start Noticing Interactions

As I see over the years, people just falling in love with their homes all over again. We can just take for granted all these tiny interactions that we constantly have with our home and what I want you to do is start to notice those interactions, each and every interaction with each thing in your home and start to see how does it make you feel? 

As I said, start at the front door. How does the overall make you feel? What’s your relationship, is there anger or frustration? Is there like, this wasn’t meant to be my forever home. We’ve had that over the years, and just become into acceptance and go “This is where I am right now. If it’s I’m here for a year, for 10 years, or for six months I’m going to make the most of it. I’m going to enjoy it, I’m going to activate the energy of fun and joy and really make sure that I surround myself with all of that energy.”

Lighten Your Home

If you feel that sense of heaviness, the next step is to lighten your home. What do I mean by lightening your home? Over and over, you’ll hear me talk about decluttering and letting go, but you can lighten your home in so many different ways. If your home is very Yin, which means it has a lot of:

  • dark colors
  • deep heavy things like heavy dark oak, dark furniture, old leather couches, a lot of darkness, that can feel heavy, it can feel very, very, very Yin. 

The Yang is bright and light. You want to bring bright and light into your home. How can you do that? Personally I’m just thinking of this piece of green furniture. That was a really, really big heavy piece of dark wood and I decided when I was optimizing the area, I knew it needed a wood element so I brought it and I painted it green.

Honestly, when people come in and say “it feels so different in here”, just by painting the piece of furniture. You don’t have to get rid of everything. How can you lighten it? How can you make it happier? How can you make it more joyful? Move around the space on any of the heaviness. Maybe get some:

  • Light throws to put on your couch
  • Change your cushions, like all the little things you can spice up your space a little bit more or shift something.
  • Move away from the dark into the lighter colors to lighten it. 

Look At The Artwork

The next thing I would recommend is looking at the art on your walls. What is on your walls? Mirrors, what is going on in your life?.

I’m going to talk through a few pieces that are literally within my sphere in our living, our kind of dining room area. 

  1.  I have a picture of Los Angeles and these palm trees – Ken and I just love the sun and hot weather and I’m like where are the palm trees? because I want to be under the palm trees.
  2. Picture of little happy monks – That was a gift from a friend of ours from Japan and these little monks are dancing and it’s super cute.
  3. A print that says “Stay young and go dancing” it’s bright, and it’s red.
  4. A  big poster that I got. It’s a big, big, big image of the skyline of New York with ADVENTURE over it. 

All of those things every time when I look at every one of them, they have a symbol, they mean something to me. Los Angeles, I just love America. I love visiting there and I would love to live around there at some stage in my life and even we have New York so we’re kind of like putting that out there. We were not this time on it, but it’s like that intention. It’s like, Oh L.A, just being in that beautiful sun, the colors, the weather, and then the palm trees is very much like okay, under a palm tree. That’s where we’re gonna be. The little monks, stay young and go dancing. It’s just that vibrancy and the adventure.

They all have a symbolism for me, when someone comes to this house, they see the pictures. They’re like “Oh, yeah, yeah”, but it sparks joy for me. So I really want you to start to look at the art in your house and start to bring in pieces that make you feel good. That will certainly, definitely help you bring more joy into your life. 

Think About The Story Behind Your Items

The other thing to lighten the house and to have more fun, more fabulousness and more fun with Feng Shui is to think about the energetic, story or imprint of the items that you have.

When we first moved into this house together, a lot of the furniture was borrowed or it was from secondhand shops or from charity shops. Obviously an energy associated with it all, it was like lentils are borrowed and we’re so grateful for that because we needed something to sit on. We need something to eat from and slowly but surely we’ve just upgraded our home. As we upgraded our home, we’ve let go of some pieces, brought the other things to the charity shop and also pimped them up by painting them. 

It’s important if there’s an energetic connection from pieces that you might have got, present, or things that don’t feel like there’s heaviness. I would definitely recommend doing a space clearing. Do a space clearing, open all the windows, smudge the pieces of furniture that are old or have been in different houses before to just let go of that and make way for yourself. Then put your own personal imprint on some of those things, and what we’ve done is we’ve ended up repainting them and that’s just been a fun project for me as well. 

Have A Rejig Of Your Wardrobe

The next thing I would say to you, especially about fun and fabulous, is going to your wardrobe. Your clothes are definitely another place and your wardrobe is a place that can get a bit stagnant, a bit stale, and it can be a place where we just take for granted what’s in the wardrobe and pull out anything, so I would certainly say a good little rejig of the wardrobe

  • Go into the underwear drawer, clearing it out, pimping it up a little bit.
  • Clearing out anything that’s ripped
  • Anything that’s been worn a lot, just let it go.

Then you’ll make space for new nice things to come in and that can be also so uplifting as well and fun. I hope you’ve enjoyed these insights of just lightening the energy and bringing more fun and fabulousness into your home. 

If you’d like to learn more about how I’ve set up my own home and see the upgrades because it’s definitely been a massive upgrade since we had lived here with our borrowed furniture and very some wonky furniture as well. You can see how I’ve set it up intentionally using Feng Shui to every room in the house and that’s a really good guideline and understanding of that. That’s available at my free Feng Shui course so come and join me, to the behind the scenes in my own house. 

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