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How Feng Shui Improves the Flow of your Home

How Feng Shui improves flow and removes energy blocks?. Well, it’s all about the blocks when it comes to Feng Shui, it’s all about identifying the blocks. I’m going to talk about the visible and the invisible. I’m also going to cover some action steps that you can take in your home to help remove the blocks, welcome in the new and improve the energy flow in your home.



The first thing is that Feng Shui is all about energy and it’s all about flow. I often like to describe the energy coming in the front door. We like to start at the front door because it’s the mouth of your house, it’s where the Qi is. When we think about Qi it’s the same as the prana or the energy or the opportunities and the money coming into your life. We want the house to bring in the energy, then we want it to flow around nice and easily so it creates positive change and has positive implications in your life. 

My suggestion is to imagine and we definitely don’t want this to happen in someone’s house. But imagine that instead of this non-tangible thing like Qi, that we can’t touch or feel what we’re like when we think it’s here?. It keeps us moving, it’s moving in our body, it’s this energy. Think of it almost like a river of water, imagine that instead of Qi this river of water is coming in your front door and it’s literally coming in and what we want to do is just watch where the water would go.

Visualizing your house and the water coming in flowing around your house is it getting blocked in certain ways? are they able to get in? and if it can’t get in, if it’s stuck, then you’re like “okay, I need to fix my front door”. This is a way of just watching the water where it goes, how does it move, and is it going to get caught somewhere? So where could it get blocked behind somewhere or even in a corner of a home it can create stagnancy and that stagnancy then blocks the flow. 

Think of smelly ponds and then imagine all the water went, where would the water end up staying in your house? It kind of came in and it plumped, made little ponds around your house and get stagnant. Because if it’s gonna stay there, then it’ll get smelly. It won’t be moving, it’s no flow, and then it’s going to create that and that will mirror back into your life. Have a little think about where it’s done or where there are things that have been there for a very long time that haven’t been moved or touched and that will then kind of almost attract the water element. This is a really fun exercise to think about and visualize around your own home, are there places where there are things that are stagnant, stuck, or not being moved? That would definitely be a block. 

In many of the videos that I have done, I talk about every area of your home represents a different part of your life and your business not just for yourself, but for everyone in your home. It’s the ripple effect when you start implementing Feng Shui, you’re not just doing it for yourself, you’re doing it for your partner, for your children, for everybody who comes into your home. What we want to really connect with is the idea of Feng Shui, which can be misconceived as we think it’s about putting your couch there, putting your bed there, that’s the only rule. For me, it’s much more energetic, it’s about the invisible energy what we can’t see. The visible things are the things that you can take away right now, so definitely go around your house and see where those blocks are. Where the things that would be where stagnancy could have occurred or is already happening, release it. 

The next movement is to walk around your house and see if there is anything that you have in your home that you have an energetic attachment to. The first thing that comes to mind is a client of mine who pulled out this picture that was in her home, and it was this one woman on her own. It was a very miserable, unhappy picture like this woman did not look happy in the painting and I said to her I was like “first of all, it doesn’t look too happy. Do you like it? No. Okay, why do you have it in your house? Second of all, why do you still have it? My brother gave it to me” and I just thought, ”Oh, seriously”. You don’t want something in your house that first of all you don’t like and you’re keeping it out of guilt. You know you want to have things in your home that you truly desire in your home. If there’s things on your walls, things around your house that you’re just keeping because someone gave it to you or it was a present but it doesn’t light up your soul. It doesn’t make you feel like “oh my god. I love that. I love that. I love that.”  it’s depleting your energy and actually every time you see it, you’re like “I’m holding that because of guilt”. Then it’s like feeling that energy of guilt, lower energy in your home and in your body. So move around your home and see if there are things that you’re holding on to that have an energetic attachment. Maybe you have things from ex partners, old friends that you’re not in touch with anymore, things that just don’t align or they’re not in the same alignment where you’re going and that really is a very powerful way to create a new fresh energy in your home for sure. 

So have some fun imagining the water moving around and checking out those areas and then just go to it and investigate to see what is here?. Do I really want to keep this book? Do I really want to keep this? Does it align with where I’m going in my life that I want to create?. Then think about each of the things: is there an energetic attachment to something that was unhappy or not as positive as you’d like? Because that definitely can be blocking your energy in your home. 

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