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How To Attain Abundance in Getting Your Art Sold

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In this episode Patricia tackles a question sent in through a message by Sue Bannow with regards to selling her art works. A career in art is fulfilling and rewarding for those who have the passion and creativity for it, but it’s common knowledge that its significant challenge is the lack of financial stability.

One advice Patricia gave is kind of similar to when you are calling out for love, to be intentional that you already have sold the art pieces. Another way is to declutter. Find out what needs to be decluttered in relation to having abundance to get your artworks sold by listening to this episode. It may not be artworks that you are selling but the same principle applies in the feng shui perspective.

Highlights of the episode… 

  • Patricia read Sue’s question
  • Decluttering to make space
  • Being intentional and manifesting that artworks have already been sold.
  • Invitation to join the PowerHouse program


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