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How to Build More Confidence and Become a Powerhouse

One of the most important lessons Patricia learned in overcoming the freeze response, is by not allowing the opinion of others to impact her.  She allowed it after getting some laughter in response to her two paintings and that’s why she never took to painting again.

Building confidence is a process that requires intentional effort, dedication and constant practice. It’s all about the mind game! Identify any negative feelings that are holding you back, and challenge them.

Highlights of the episode…

  • What are Patricia’s insights on self-confidence?

  • Patricia shared her experience doing a photoshoot in Manila and why she is so confident doing photoshoots?

  • Sharing the story of why Patricia stopped painting.

  • Why did it take Patricia a long time to learn how to play tennis?

  • What can you do to become more confident? (…How Patricia got over the edge of singing?)



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