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How to Create a Feng Shui Wealth Corner

How to create your wealth area?. If you want to create a wealth area we have to learn where it is. It’s really the space that you want to anchor in and acknowledge all of the abundance that you have in your life.



The first misconception that we often hear is that your money area or money corner is a corner in your home, and it actually may not be a corner in your home. It depends on your home, every house is totally unique. So get your compass out, get a phone and there’s a compass on it and it will show you where your southeast area of your home is, that’s the general area of your prosperity area. 

In our program, we map out and tell everyone exactly where it is in their own house. But to get started, just find this general area and just go and be curious. Walk around, have a look and be like “oh this is interesting. This is my bathroom, this is my kitchen, this is my living room where my prosperity area is”. My prosperity area happens to be at my front door, so when you walk in my front door it happens to be there and we do have an opportunity with a small table where I’ve put some nice artwork, images and a beautiful statue of Goddess Fortuna. 

You may have learned that the Feng Shui could be in a far corner. I’m not even sure that’s not the school of Feng Shui that I teach. But if you are looking for real success, and you believe that every house is unique, just like people. This is the practice that we practice and I’ve seen amazing results from accessing the prosperity area in the South East area. 

Get Curious

First, get curious and go find that South East area. Just walk around and don’t panic if it is the toilet, the kitchen and if it is a part that doesn’t resonate with being your prosperity area, don’t worry. There’s so many aspects to prosperity that are connected with Feng Shui that are not in the southeast area. You can do lots of other things, for example, if it is an area that isn’t accessible, so for me, I’m lucky it’s at our front door. We have a lovely table and I can put my little things that feel resonant with me there. But if it’s not somewhere like that for you, I would say look for the southeast area of your living room, or your kitchen, or your sitting room, or dining room to see if can you anchor in something there to create a little altar or space.

An altar might feel a little bit too ritually and a little bit weird. So just you know again, take what you want from this and then create what feels good. I like the idea of creating somewhere that acknowledges abundance, that recognizes the infinite abundance that’s available to us and just supports that energy and that area. So what you can add in are just a few simple things. 

Small Bowl

The first thing we recommend that I like, that it’s quite easy. It’s just a small bowl, it can literally be the smallest bowl ever and filling it with all your spare change, maybe even foreign coins. Once it’s filled in, allow it to come up and overflow. So every time you see it you start saying “oh there’s always more money, there’s always plenty of money”. What you want is to create this anchor point that kind of shifts your mind to the abundant mindset. The other thing you can add is actual money. So if you had like foreign currency or notes from different countries, you could totally do that and put those there and they could just be put discreetly there as well, it doesn’t have to be all on display.

Check to the Universe

I love printing out a check to the universe and actually I did print out a check to the universe many years ago when we first did the Feng Shui. I put it in the cupboard in that prosperity area and the exact sum came in on the date that I had put on the check to the universe and it was a very significant number. So I highly recommend that and I do have a check to the universe available that you can download so you can take your own one just download it and use it. That’s actually also available on my Feng Shui mini course so you can get it there as well. 

Spiritual Statues

In my prosperity area, I have actually got a statue of Goddess Fortuna. Now deities and spiritual statues are really up to you and your own personal preference. I just love the statue of Fortuna, it has these beautiful coins and it’s just a gorgeous color. It seeks my area kind of if someone came in they’re not going to know that this is my money/prosperity area. It’s quite discreet and just as a beautiful Goddess statue at the door it’s beautiful. 

Artworks & Nature

The other thing you could put are books, that represent abundance or for you some book that anchors in abundance, or flowers in full bloom that are healthy and vibrant again represents abundance. You know sometimes we attach abundance to be very connected with money. But you can also use imagery like nature. We just got a beautiful piece of art created for our prosperity areas, it’s a cherry blossom and the cherry blossom for me has significance of my travels to Japan and some beautiful workshops I’ve been on and I just love cherry blossom season so much and they’re just in full bloom. That imagery of growth, expansion and blossoming is a really powerful energy and intention. So they could be images that could be something you could bring in just an image of something upward growing in nature and beautiful. 

You could also bring in and add in pictures of wealthy people or connect with what anchors wealth for you and what feels wealthy and abundant for you and even small little things that will connect with it. You can also bring in plants that are growth so we do look at bringing in Money Plants, Lucky Bamboo, if you want. Really look at what the area is, see how you can bring in some of those things and the idea behind it is really this intention of creating a space that recognizes that sense of abundance, nature, growth and flow. Now you see it, your spirits rise and you connect with the infinite amount of abundance flowing into you.

I do have plenty of other videos about how to Feng Shui your prosperity area and you can check those out as always with different nuances with them all. But if you are interested in learning more about some of the other underlying impactors with prosperity and money in your home, I would highly recommend you checking out my Feng Shui mini course. This course dives into some of the unspoken things about how your home could be negatively impacting your bank account. Things around money lock, the house personality, the setup of the house, the shape, all of these different nuances that are often the real issue with prosperity. 

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