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How To Create A Moon Ritual

How to create a Feng Shui moon ritual? Feng Shui is very associated with flow and the seasons. The Chinese New Year actually does sit in sync with the first new moon in the year.

So why would we do a moon ritual? Well, the moon is very much connected to us as women and even as men are still going to be affecting us. If you just think about first of all the impact the moon has on Mother Earth itself. So the moon, when it’s in full moon, its full high tides we often see and hospitals report that there’s more births. More women give birth during the full moon because they’re literally the water added to its fullest.

The tide is completely affected by the power of the moon. As human beings, we are 75% – 80% water so we are really being affected by the moon as well. So we can go through different energies and different feelings and emotions literally by the full moon. The full moon can be a time when you’ve got more energy. More ready to go, more likely to have a party, more like yes let’s do it, life is full, the cup is full and overflowing. Whereas the New Moon is the Yin moon. In Feng Shui the
full moon is about the Yang and the new moon is the Yin

The Yin is a time of introspection going inside. It’s a reflection, it’s the time of planting the seeds. It’s almost like a winter, that winter season of darkness, introversion and reflections. Every month we have this opportunity to move with those two energies since the peak of both of them. So the invitation and you can do it if you want. But for me I’ve actually always for countless years since I was in my early 20s every single new moon I would sit with my journal and write down my intentions for the month to come for this new moon. Now oftentimes when you’re setting those intentions you think that for that month but they actually move in a six month rhythm as well so the planets come back within a six month cycle. So often what you journal about or you set your intentions for you’ll see unfold within the six month cycle. But on a new moon, I would recommend sitting and spending some time journaling about your intentions. What it is that you’re planting, seeding and then the full moon is what you’re letting go of, what you’re ready to release. It is the time of releasing, washing away and clearing. Some people set intentions of the full moon as well and that’s up to you. For me it really resonates with the new moon to set the intention, plant the seeds in that dark room, and the full moon to release. So what can you do at both of those times? Well, the new moon as I said, sits in a journal and you know when we think about the word ritual, it can be like a loaded question, a loaded kind of subject that you have to do special things, but it’s very much up to you, tune into what feels good. For me, I love lighting a candle that feels nice, creating a sacred space so that it could be you know doing a little space clearing with a rattle, a bell, chime or a singing bowl. Clearing the space making you know just like setting some special time aside for you, like how often do you do that for yourself to just drop in and the ritual? Do some meditation, like literally some meditation to sit and meditate about your intentions and then just journal them. That’s really a nice new moon. I’ve done a really beautiful New Moon intention setting circle where we had bulbs like literally plant bulbs, and we infused each of the plants bulb with our intentions and then planted them in our gardens and watched the plants grow and blossom. And so many of the people who joined that circle came back to me like “oh my god, the things that I used came into my life”. So you can really kind of use your imagination of what it is that feels good for you with the rituals. 

Now, the full moon is a time of release. If there’s things that you want to do, a little meditation sets up some space and journal things that you want to release and let go. Things that no longer serve you and do a little burning like literally burn them and let them go. That will help release and what you’re doing is also creating the synergy which I absolutely adore in Feng Shui is that nature bores a vacuum. So when we do release, we then make space for new things to come in. So we’re making space for those seeds of intention that we have planted to come back in and we’re creating and tapping into that cycle of life, which is what we’re doing when we’re doing a ritual and exactly what we’re doing with Feng Shui, we are literally tapping into the divine flow the Taoist flow of balance of yin and yang energy. Finding that harmony in our homes that then comes in and balances ourselves and sees us being drawn and moving to the natural flow of life and being drawn to what it is that we’re meant to create and call in our lives and it’s a magical journey. So I highly recommend taking some time, how do you know when the Full Moon and the New Moon is? Full moon you can see in the sky, you’re really awake with it. It’s so bright and vibrant. And then the full moon is when it’s the dark moon and you know there are different phases of the moon that people have different recommendations but just getting started. You can start with those two times and even if you do those rituals within like 24 or 48 hours, you’re still in that energy so don’t think you have to do it every single time but like within that energy and you’re really just honoring Mother Nature with the moon and the cycles within yourself as well. 

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