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How to Feng Shui your Hotel or Airbnb

How to Feng Shui your Airbnb or your hotel room or even your guest suite or temporary accommodation?. I have been asked this question so many times. Honestly, there are lots of things that you can do to Feng Shui you’re space that you’re going to be there for a temporary time.



Now, for most accommodations, I always look and start with my intention, the very beginning. So if I’m going to be staying somewhere or if you are going searching for some accommodation or hotel room, set your intention like really set the intention of what is the purpose of the trip. Why are you going? How do you want to sleep? How do you want to feel? What kind of support do you need or you want energetically that will make a huge difference?. So that is the groundwork because when you do that, you’ll really start looking for the place. You’re going to attract that into you. 

After that, on the search, you can keep an eye out for some of the really practical things around the houses and rooms especially if it’s just a bedroom or you know, an Airbnb bedroom. That will probably be the one that I would look at the most and you can check out my YouTube video on how to set up your bedroom so you can check that out and that will give you loads of guidance on bedrooms for what you’re looking for when you’re on the search for the perfect accommodation. Now the next thing is when you get there or on your way there. When you’re on the way there or what you’re going to bring with you I often bring with me some sage, or a bell because I do a space clearing and why do I want to do a space clearing? Well, these places that have a lot of transient people coming and staying they’ve transient energy. We don’t know what has happened before in that place. We definitely don’t know who has stayed there before and you know maybe there’s been arguments, difficult situations, and sometimes a residual energy of those things can just hang around. 

So my advice is when you do get to your place, open the windows and just allow the fresh  air into the place. When you open the windows, you’re really just inviting fresh new chi into the place to also have a kind of energetic cleaning and you can then do a space clearing. So I have a video on space clearing that you check out but it’s either you sage, you can use crystal balls,  singing bowls, a bell, one of my favorite ones though that’s really easy to do literally clapping your hands. What you want to do is just shift any stagnant energy in the space. So clap your hands, move around and just allow that energy all that negative energy just go out and set the intention that you’re going to have an amazing stay.

Now some of the things in the Airbnb that you found even if you set the attention that it’s the perfect place may be a little bit off or a little bit not quite exactly the best Feng Shui. The first thing that I usually look around at is artwork, especially in the bedroom if you want a good night’s sleep. I remember arriving at a hotel really late one night and I came off a long flight from Bali to America. I checked into the hotel, it was dark and I could hardly see. I was bleary eyed. I fell into the bed, I didn’t do any of what I recommended here. I just fell into the bed and I had the most bizarre dreams. I was dreaming that I was like hanging upside down. I was flying in space and I just felt completely ungrounded and you know when I woke up in the morning I thought I was kind of like semi asleep and awake. And I was like that must be just because of all the travel and everything and when I opened my eyes I looked at the painting that was in front of me and it was literally of a woman suspended in space upside down. So I was like “oh there, there’s my dream, literally in the picture”. Needless to say the next day when I got up I got a scarf and I typically will always have a scar or some kind of shawl that I’ve had over me from traveling anyways, that I just covered the picture and honestly after that I slept amazingly. So hopefully you arrive early and you get to scout the artwork, but have a little move around, look what’s on the walls and can you cover it. That’s a really big one if it doesn’t feel aligned. So in the bedroom, you want to look for art that is calm, restful, peaceful. If it’s not like that it’s like a stormy sea or a woman suspended upside down or you know who knows what kind of creative arts or could be in a space. You want to cover it to get yourself a good night’s sleep if it doesn’t kind of align with rest and relaxation. 

The next thing I would say to you is, you know for example, if you’re in a hotel room or you want to work from the space, I often end up shimmying the desk around to get myself into my power position. So I was just thinking of a time when I stayed in the hotel and the deck was up against the wall. I was going to be doing zoom calls so I moved the desk around and I just moved the desk around. It was actually pretty easy, put the chair with the back to the wall so best practices and I also have a video on how to set your office up for success so check that one out to give you way more detail of like office success. Before working from a space, I highly recommend sitting with your back to a wall and being able to see the door so I just shimmied it around amd you could do a few little things like that. 

The other thing when you’re in a temporary accommodation I definitely recommend is the television can often be in the bedroom and we don’t really like televisions in the bedroom. There’s a lot of energy like you know, even just thinking about what’s been transmitted to the screen over the years and what’s been on the television, the news, drama and all that and it’s a lot of energy so again, that’s something I would typically cover with a towel. It also sometimes has a very reflective surface and can be in the bedroom like when you’re in the bed and reflecting you which is quite mirror-like so that will be something that’s not recommended. And obviously when you’re away you want to have a good restful night’s sleep so get yourself unpacked, settle yourself in and set the intention that you have a great time and go back through those things that I recommend. 

Set the intention to stay at the very beginning before you even go searching for your accommodation. Then when you are setting out for your new accommodation go through a kind of mental checklist of core best practices. Is the bed don’t have a headboard? Is it set up with a wall to it? Keep in mind any of that information from my Feng Shui video about your bedroom. The next thing I would then do is do a space clearing, open the windows, let go of any of the negative energy, clear that out. Cover any artwork or paintings, mirrors that may be reflecting you or even on the TV as well. 

So I have an incredible guide for you that is a checklist that’s going to show you room by room. What exactly you can be doing to improve the flow of energy and activate Feng Shui in your home. This guide and checklist is usually just for my clients, so you’re in luck that you’ll be able to get it as a gift from me you can grab that guide at and that will move you through every single room to Feng Shui your space and get that flow of all the things that you want, coming into your life and they’re all just some little things that you can set yourself up for a really nice day and don’t be afraid to kind of move furniture, to make sure that you’re in your command position.

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