How To Feng Shui Your Office For More Wealth In Your Business with Paige Brunton and Patricia Lohan - Patricia Lohan | Feng Shui Expert
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How To Feng Shui Your Office For More Wealth In Your Business with Paige Brunton and Patricia Lohan

Paige, a logical thinker intrigued by Feng Shui, interviews Patricia, an experienced practitioner with vast knowledge of this ancient art. Patricia explains that Feng Shui, dating back 5000 years, revolves around the energy of spaces and environments. Similar to acupuncture for the body, Feng Shui serves as “acupuncture for the home,” helping to rebalance and harmonize the energy flow within a space.

The Essence of Feng Shui

Feng Shui, which translates to “good health and good harvest,” centers around the concept of energy flow in our homes and offices. Patricia emphasizes that the practice is about intentional placement and aligning spaces to support our well-being. In ancient times, people thoughtfully built their homes to harmonize with the environment, whereas today, many constructions lack this intentional approach.

The Five Elements of Feng Shui

Feng Shui employs the concept of five elementsFire, Water, Metal, Earth, and Wood—to create harmony and balance in a space. Just as we feel at peace and uplifted in natural surroundings like a beautiful countryside walk, incorporating these elements into our living spaces can foster positive energy flow.

For instance, if a specific area of your home lacks the Wood element, you can introduce natural elements like plants or wooden furniture to promote growth and creativity. Likewise, a Water feature, such as a small fountain or aquarium, in the appropriate area can enhance abundance and wealth.

Energy and the Nine Areas

In Feng Shui, there are nine areas of a home, each representing different aspects of our lives, including health, career, finances, and family. Patricia draws parallels between these areas and the organs of the body. When a particular area is out of balance, it affects the corresponding aspect of one’s life. Through Feng Shui remedies, such as adding specific elements or colors, energy imbalances can be rectified.

Choosing the Right Place

When searching for a new apartment or home, Patricia advises potential residents to research the shape of the space, its energy, and history. Being mindful of how it feels when entering a place is vital, as the energy of a space can significantly impact our lives.

Feng Shui for Business Success

Feng Shui’s influence extends beyond the home and can significantly impact your business success. Designing an inspiring and harmonious office space is crucial for creativity, productivity, and attracting opportunities. Consider these tips for your business space:

  1. Mindful Setup: Arrange your office to support your goals. Position your desk to face the door to welcome opportunities and be in command of your space.
  2. Inspirational Art: Choose artwork that represents abundance, growth, and success. Avoid images that evoke negative emotions or memories.
  3. Clear Clutter: Eliminate stagnant energy by decluttering your office space. A tidy environment promotes clarity and focus.
  4. Vision Boards: Display vision boards or affirmations that represent your business goals. This visual reminder keeps you aligned with your aspirations.
  5. Welcoming Space: Create an inviting space for clients, even if you rarely have visitors. Energetically prepare your office to receive guests and showcase your professionalism.

Affordable Feng Shui Mini Course

For those interested in exploring Feng Shui further, Patricia offers an affordable Feng Shui 101 mini-course. This comprehensive course delves into the different aspects of Feng Shui, providing a solid foundation to understand and implement this ancient practice.

Feng Shui is a powerful and time-tested practice that can positively influence our lives, health, and prosperity. By understanding and embracing the principles of energy flow and harmony, we can create spaces that nurture our well-being and support our endeavors. Whether it’s our home or office, the art of Feng Shui can transform our surroundings into sanctuaries of balance, joy, and success.