How to Optimise your Mercury Retrograde - Meditation, Case Study & Healing - Patricia Lohan | Feng Shui Expert
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How to Optimise your Mercury Retrograde – Meditation, Case Study & Healing

We are set up to be on the go, go, go mode and to push ourselves which can be detrimental to our well being.  In this live session Patricia will let us in on the valuable concept of Mercury Retrograde. We are in Retrograde now until the 14th of May and during retrograde, it is time for us to reflect, re-do, re-imagine and do a self-check. Even just a minute to chill out can do wonders.


Also in the live session, Patricia brings out Laura Enache, a long time member of the PowerHouse who is very diligent in following through the practice of feng shui.  and has had several   Hear what she said about joining PowerHouse, her life before joining and her wins after joining PowerHouse.


Highlights of the episode…

  • Who is Mercury and what is the concept of Mercury Retrograde?
  • Why did Laura join PowerHouse and what was her journey before and after PowerHouse?
  • Shedding the old and allowing the new to come in, her health journey towards healing.
  • The changes that have unfolded for Laura’s husband in his career.
  • What would Laura say to people who are considering joining PowerHouse?
  • Laura shares her message about trusting intuition.
  • Patricia talking about astrology and the energetics happening during Mercury Retrograde from the feng shui perspective.
  • Reading of the Card and Meditation
  • Q&A portion and sharing into the chat of takeaways and reflection from the listeners
  • Recap to check if Patricia covered everything
  • Invitation for listeners for the opportunity to join Powerhouse and to put in their biggest takeaway from the live session.




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