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Feng Shui Friday: How to Recognise Good Feng Shui

Welcome back to another wonderful Feng Shui Friday! Today, we are going to talk about how to recognise good Feng Shui. This is also a great episode to clear some of the misconceptions about Feng Shui. This ancient practice is the acupuncture for your home. It is all about making your home tap into the rhythm and flow of nature. And when you start tapping into it, great things will start to come to you. Also, things start to flow and life becomes better, easier, more joyful, more money, more abundance.

Talking about the start of flow and better life, you will also hear Susie as she shares how her life’s journey has been amazing when she started implementing Feng Shui in her life. Susie is also part of our powerhouse community and enjoyed being in the group learning and sharing wonderful news about how Feng Shui got her astounding results in life.

Remember – “Feng Shui means good health and good harvest.”


  • What is Feng Shui?
  • The connection of Feng Shui to Taoism, Acupuncture, and Five Element Theory
  • Positive things that will come in your way in the implementation of Feng Shui
  • What it is to have a perfect life
  • Susie’s journey before implementing Feng Shui
  • Astonishing results in Susie’s life after implementing Feng Shui


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“The key signals for me about good Fung Shui and a home is that everybody in the house is very healthy, that things are going smoothly, that life is just like good and it feels good that there’s no friction or arguments.” – Patricia

“It is about being like we’re just things work out and you’re in this space of like everything working out “ – Patricia

“Feng Shui is about bringing that sense of flow into your life.” – Patricia


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