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How to Remove Negative Energy from your Home

Have you ever walked into a room or part of your home and just felt your energy plummet? All of a sudden you feel anxious, sad, or just BLAH?

It’s time to do a space clearing and get rid of negative energy in your home.

Feng Shui is all about balancing the energies of your home. These energies come from when your home was built, from those who lived there before you, and from you and whoever lives in your home now, plus lots of other complex things. 

Life happens in a home and because of those energies, the way that the energies flow can impact people’s lives in many different ways, good or bad. We have lots of different personalities and things can happen in our lives. There are fights, there is sickness, there is anxiety, there are financial problems… all these things happen in our homes. And that’s what we want to clear out… we want to get rid of the negative energy that’s hanging on like a residue in our homes.

Years ago I was a sound healer and I worked with sound therapy and Tibetan bowls and Crystal bowls. One time this guy bought a singing bowl from me and years later we ran into each other and he said to me: “Oh my god, I bought a singing bowl from you and it was the best investment of my life.” I was like, “Wow, amazing!” He went on to tell me that anytime that he and his partner had a little disagreement, one of them would go over and activate the sound of the Tibetan singing bowl and it would clear the space. Like Poof! They would feel SO much better immediately. 

It’s this type of energy work that we are going to talk about today. How to clear the energy and clear the space of anything that we don’t want hanging around. 

Energy Tools

To effectively get rid of negative energy, I recommend having a few tools or supplies. My go-to space clearing or energy releasing tools are smudge sticks, like sage or palo santo, and sound tools, like a bell or a drum. You can use whatever you have on hand that feels good to you – you can even just clap your hands or play spiritual music! 

Sage, Palo Santo, and Incense

You may have already heard of sage or Palo Santo. These are ancient forms of incense really when they were originally made. And these plants have really effective energy clearing and releasing properties. So you can use sage or Palo Santo, or even just an incense stick to move around your house and clear the space. 

Sound Tools

Choose something that makes a pleasant but powerful noise. For example, a bell is very effective in clearing negative energy. It’s pleasant but also has an abrupt sound that is hard to ignore. Other common options are a little drum, a rattle, clapping your hands, singing a spiritual song, or even just a wooden spoon on a metal pot! Truly it can be anything that makes a good sound that you can carry around throughout your home. 

Set Intentions and Protections

With your energy clearing tools ready or at least decided on, the next step is to set your intentions. Take time to sit down, meditate, journal, say a personal prayer or affirmation. Speak your intentions into the universe. 

Ask yourself: What do I want to release? What am I holding onto? What do I want to gain from the energy clearing? What do I want to call into my home? 

Maybe it’s memories, maybe it’s arguments or tension, maybe it’s sickness or financial issues. Whatever it is, set your intentions to release it during this energy clearing. 

Next, visualise a beautiful bubble of light surrounding you. See this beautiful bubble of light surrounding you, protecting you so that you won’t be impacted by the negative energies. You’re going to literally be the vessel to clear out negative energy… as if you’re becoming the sweeping brush. So with your bubble around you, imagine on the outside of the bubble are reflective mirrors, reflecting the negative energy away from you, protecting you, and sending it out of your home.

How to Clear Negative Energy

If you’ve been following along, watching my YouTube channel or listening to my Live Your Dreams Awake Podcast or joining us in the PowerHouse Feng Shui Instagram community, you’ve heard me talk about the importance of your front door. And guess what… that’s exactly where you’re going to start your energy clearing.

Start at your Front Door

Starting at your front door, slowly move throughout your house clockwise. Open the doors and windows as you get into each room and move your sage or ring your bell over all the surfaces, under furniture, into corners high and low. You want to really reach every area of each room, each part of your home. 

If it’s freezing cold where you live and you don’t want to open all the windows and doors, don’t worry! Just open the door a crack, open the windows a couple inches, just enough to let the negative energy leave your house. 

Now is the part that gets REALLY interesting…

You’ll likely notice a few areas where the sound changes or the smoke from your smudge stick gets more intense. You’ll be going along just fine, everything is smooth, then suddenly you smudge a corner and all this smoke starts billowing. Don’t panic! That just means that the area needs some extra clearing. Spend a little more time in that area then move on. 

I have noticed this so many times during space clearings that I would go into one part of a room and the bell would stay very, very, very tame. Then all of a sudden it would get really loud in a certain corner! This has happened with sage, too. I moved around the whole place with sage and then I got near one piece of furniture and the smudge stick started little bursts of fire. 

Connect with your Intentions

When I’m moving around the space I’m also connecting with my intentions. I usually say some personal mantras or affirmations. Maybe you have some energetic helpers or guides or past loved ones that you can call into support to be with you. This is totally up to you. The important thing is to do what feels good to you and what feels supportive.

Tidy Up

Once you finish your space clearing, I do recommend tidying up a bit to really set the tone for good energy and a more balanced, peaceful feeling at home. Clear off any clutter that’s collected on tables, fold up the blankets on the sofa, stack your magazines or books, put the dishes away. That type of thing. 

You will also want to clean yourself up. Even though you did the whole energy clearing with the bubble around you, it’s a good idea to take a shower when you’re through to wash off any negative energy that stuck to you. Put your clothes into the wash, take a shower or a soothing bath, and put on fresh clothes. 

Infuse Positivity

With the negative energy cleared, I love to infuse my home with freshness. Personally I like to sprinkle rose water throughout my home, especially in areas that needed some extra clearing. You can use rose water, holy water, add fresh flowers, whatever feels good for you. 

I hope this tutorial was supportive for you. Space clearings are an amazing practice to do regularly to support your home so that your home can better support you! That’s really what Feng Shui is all about… balancing energy and creating a magnet to attract the life of your dreams. 

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