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How to Supercharge Your Energy With Patricia Crimin

Live your Dreams Awake –

In this episode, the concept of the universe wanting individuals to express their creativity, healing, and brilliance is emphasized. A passage is read aloud, emphasizing that the universe desires individuals to shine and express their unique gifts.

It encourages breaking free from limitations and embracing originality to lead a fulfilling and abundant life. The importance of showing up differently in both business and relationships is discussed by the host and guests. They stress the need to prioritize self-care and feeling good in order to thrive and be of use to others.

Daily practices like yoga, meditation, or other energizing activities are recommended to improve physical and mental well-being, especially during times of transformation. By taking care of oneself, individuals can enhance their performance in business and cultivate healthier relationships.

The host also explores the significance of calming the mind and body to become more receptive to ideas and insights. By calling upon past loved ones, angels, and guides, individuals can open themselves up to receive help and support from these spiritual energies. It is emphasized that this assistance is available to everyone, but individuals must actively seek it. Entering a meditative state and quieting the mind is suggested as a way to become more open and receptive to the thoughts and action steps needed in life. This state, referred to as “receptive mode,” is encouraged before starting the meditation.

Setting intentions and creating structures for oneself are also highlighted as important. By tapping into insights and guidance from spiritual energies, individuals can gain clarity on the structures they need to establish and how they want to present themselves to the world.

Overall, this episode underscores the idea that by calming the mind and body and opening up to help and support from spiritual energies, individuals can become more receptive to ideas and insights that can guide them on their life journey.

Highlights of the episode… 

– Introduction of the episode with the guest, Patricia Crimin

– Why is Patricia Criming joining again the Live Your Dreams Awake Event in November?

– Patricia’s experience with the people at the event when she first joined the Live Your Dreams Awake Event

– New Moon and Virgp, the retrogrades, the several energies at play for transitions and reflections.

– Pulling out the blessings of Xumu card and reflecting on the symbolisms of the art .

– Reading precursor to the meditation.



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