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How to use sound from a Feng Shui Perspective


Did you know that feng shui encompasses many different aspects beyond just being mindful of your surroundings?


Sound is actually a crucial component of feng shui, as the sounds you surround yourself with can have a significant impact on your life. Listening to positive and harmonious music, for example, can have healing benefits, while negative or chaotic sounds can have the opposite effect.

challenge them.



Highlights of the episode…

  • Patricia’s past as a sound healer before her career in feng shui.
  • What made Patricia decide to go to Nepal and sign up for a sound healing course?
  • The difference between good and bad feng shui sounds.
  • Patricia’s experience in meeting Masuro Emoto, the expert in water consciousness.
  • What kind of sound are you surrounding yourself with?




Songs to include in your playlist:

Extraordinary Being by Emeli Sandé –

Unstoppable Joy by Marya Stark –

Book Recommendation:

The Hidden Messages in Water Masaru Emoto

Free Feng Shui Mini Course or Feng Shui 101 –

Join the Powerhouse program –



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