I fell off the planet last week…

I’m back!

Where did I go?

A magical castle in Austria.


Read on…

Last Monday, I did a facebook live outside a magical castle in the snow,

I talked about moving outside my comfort zone (it was scary and exciting)

Doing something that has been on my radar for many years.

Naively, I said I’d be doing a live every day to fill everyone in on the journey.

This did not happen, my weekly email did not happen (sorry).

I just dove deep into the process of stepping away to really connect within myself.

To allow the outside world to just keep going without me engaging in it.

Guess what!!

It did!

The benefits of this retreat are still integrating…it’s going to take a while!

Post one week away, going deep, healing, clearing and releasing.

Life looks and feels ALOT BRIGHTER 🙂

I’m more focused, more committed to my vision and creating my dream life.

The most EPIC ripple has been seen in my business.

I’ve been featured in Forbes.com (pinch me!!) this week and attracted the most dreamy of dream VIP clients..

This is just scratching at the surface of what I know will unfold after this week away.

Lessons I’d like to share :

Stepping away from the world for a bit is totally SAFE.
Going deep and clearing old baggage is ALWAYS be rewarding
Surrounding yourself with like minded people INSPIRES always.
The RESULTS post retreat are unlimited.

That’s why I have goose pimples literally thinking about my Bali Bliss Retreat which is happening in March – if what i’ve been talking about is resonating with you click here (there are only a few spots left) I’d LOVE to have you join me for the most epic experience.

In other news, we have just finished the Feng Shui’ing of our (temporary) apartment in Slovenia (yes even if we are only staying a few weeks – we still do it)

There is ONE thing I have left to do.. Which is so perfectly timed todays video (hello sign from the universe!!)… Which is to enhance my prosperity area..

Listen below to learn my favourite tip to enhance your prosperity area and a constant reminder of how abundant we really are!

Have an amazing day,

Patricia xxx

P.S. If you scrolled down to the end… here… Bali Bliss Retreat a few spots remaining for this epic one week of bliss – click here to read more – otherwise pimp up your prosperity area with this weeks tip 🙂

P.P.S. If you LOVE the sound of Bali Bliss Retreat and have a questions / query about it.. Click here and book a call – I’m happy to go through it all with you and see if it’s a good fit 🙂

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