I just found this journal entry…..

Reflections & lessons from 2019… remember 2019??

Feels so long ago…

I usually burn / release all my journals (confession from Feng Shui Nerd & decluttering geek)

I’m doing a clear out before leaving for Greece.

I’m not gonna lie – 2019 was a very ‘tricky’ year for me/us/the business this year feels more like an evolution in a positive way as a result…

When I look at these reflections some are sooooo simple & can be applied in life & business so easily especially as we move through still such a weird time..

1.Track your numbers & money – This was a game changer – we made some really bad decisions before we started this & once we started looking at the numbers we could make some really big changes but only from looking at the numbers. This is coming from the allergic to numbers woman – Do you track / organise your money?

2. Consistency pays off – I can’t remember what this was linked to.. I’m still dancing with this one as it’s one I really struggle with in soo many parts of life but getting as many systems / anchors & support in makes it easier! Also not beating myself up as much about it – if I slip get up and do it again…

3. Don’t fix it if it’s not broken – I’m an ideas girl, I get bored quickly and think others will too… when we ‘broke’ the business last year 🤦♀️It was working fine needed upgrading and not annihilation!! If something is working keep doing it…

4. Enjoy it – whatever you are doing – enjoy it – find the joy & the positive impact doing it is having…

5. It doesn’t need to be perfect – I repeat it doesn’t need to be perfect. Done is better than perfect.. We DIY’d loads at the end of this year (no flash videographers or photographers.. Ken me & my iphone we made magic) it wasn’t perfect but it was DONE.

6. We are more capable than we think – I outsourced sooo much in the past and deflected decisions & didn’t listen to my intuition or trust it as much as I could / should have. This is a muscle that needs to be exercised every single day listening… in ..

7. Have clear boundaries & contracts.. I realised that No isn’t a scary word!

8. Systems rock. I never ever ever ever thought I would think this and I’ve a long way to go with this but it made a huge difference.

One of the systems we’ve put in place as part of the podcast is to release a solo episode about Feng Shui every Friday…(yes me teaching Feng Shui or answering questions that have been sent to me)

I love my ‘simple system’ I’ve put in place..

I have popped the time I will do the recording into my diary & I do it after my Live teaching call for Feng Shui Mastery course which is the same time each week. (double whammy system and consistency!!)

Last week on the session – I answered a question about Decluttering & where Do I start..

This covered…

– What clutter is and what clutter isn’t when it comes to Feng Shui?

– The most common types of clutter

– Throwback of a feng shui work that I did for a farmhouse

– Actionable steps on how to declutter

– Quick tips for decluttering clothes

You can watch the replay here on video or listen to the podcast here..

Which one of these resonated the most?

I’d love to know… hit reply and tell me..




P.s. I was featured in this podcast last year – it was so fun being interviewed by Emi from a Tribe of leaders you can listen here!


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