Yesterday was Friday and I was NOT crying! Yay!

I feel relieved most Fridays now – no tears

There was a time this was not the case!

It’s the countdown timer to an unexpected pivot to Snowy New York tomorrow! (thankfully I have warm clothes from being here in the snow)

Things were not in flow for us here something had to change.

It didn’t feel right!

I’ve felt those feelings before many times for a long time I often ignored them to the detriment of my health, relationships & life.

Do you know the ones?

Earlier this week I shared a video about some of the lower points in my life where I knew I had to make a change to my life & the direction I was going for some an unexpected pivot.

You can watch the live here!

Have a look around your home & see what could change?

As I was sharing I realised that one of the common threads unsurprisingly was changing environment – which I help people now do everyday!

Is there an item you could remove?

Something new you could add to enhance the space.

Our environments – homes & offices impact us, our lives & our journey!

The action of making a shift (even a tidy one) will lead you to the next thing.

Please do reply ..

I love hearing your intentions & I’m cheering you on from here!

Have a wonderful week –

Can’t wait to share my updates from New York next week!


Patricia xxx

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