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Ideal Feng Shui Placement & the Prosperity Areas of the House

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This is another episode of ‘Answering Questions’ sent in to Patricia from Darlene who wants to know the ideal feng shui placement and where the money spot is in her home. Darlene gave a description or the orientation rather of her home, to which Patricia said that it does not give enough information to be able to render feedback. It requires a deeper level of analysis as to the sectional degrees and so much more.

However, Patricia discussed the prosperity area of a house and how to get it using the compass or even the compass app on your phone. What Patricia is most concerned about is the bedroom and the desk, if you’re working from home.

Listen to this episode and learn about the different layers of Feng Shui, which should be foremost than the orientation of the house.

Highlights of the episode…

– The question of Darlene

– How to get the Prosperity Area of your house?

– More concerned about the bedroom and the placement of your desk

– Feng Shui 101 to get an understanding on a deeper level



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