I hardly know what day it is…

Last week I stepped sooo out of my comfort zone

I’m still recovering (and wondering did that just happen)

I followed my intuition to host my very own media event

for my book which lined up perfectly with the Chinese New Year.

Create my own stage for the New York media to meet/ hear see me  in person I’m a connector. 

I love being with and around people and deep desire to share my message.


I had the ‘idea’ months and months ago and it kept popping up.

Sooo many excuses  popped into my mind..

(it will cost alot? what if nobody turns up? will it be worth it? And sooo many more…)

I just kept moving forward despite the ‘voices’. 

I found the perfect space my top choice it was available.

Picked the date.

I hired a seriously luxury suite in a 5* Hotel and invited the media to join me for a Feng Shui Experience.

Over the evening 50 people came from all different media outlets.

My media friend said your lucky to get one media person to attend an event!


I shared my insights, tips & created my own stage.

Already opportunities are rolling in (omg!!)

Visibility & growth is my focus this year but I knew. 

I needed to take action and not wait for it to come knocking.

Which reminded me of this quote: 

“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.” ―Dale Carnegie


We are still in the energy of this New Year (yes the Chinese are still celebrating).

Do you have a little niggle of an idea that keeps popping up..

Be inspired with this week’s video :


What action can you take today to bring it closer?

If you haven’t heard… this week my incredible Feng Shui trainings are gone live..

You can catch them ALL here – click here to watch them..  


Have an incredible week take action despite the voices..


Patricia xxx

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Wednesday, February 13th at 2pm EST

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Tuesday, February 19th 4pm EST


P.P.S. The BIG Bonus… We got to stay in the suite for the night – yes that is a bath in our bedroom (not great feng shui but I still loved the soak in it).. OMG! The sheets were sooo luxurious they are going on my shopping list..seriously the softest sheets ever.


P.P.P.S. For this week ONLY my incredible Feng Shui trainings are available (they will be gone soon)

You can catch them ALL here – click here to watch them..  

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