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Introduction to Feng Shui Areas in your Home

Feng Shui for every area of your home. This is something that people don’t really realize that your home literally reflects every part of your life.

That’s huge, a lot of times in personal development we focus or I have in the past focused on one specific thing that’s not working, whether it’s relationships, it’s my health, and we kind of focus on. For me I am a huge proponent of starting at home and then looking within to see what I need to balance within me.


Career Area

The first area is the career area, it’s not necessarily the first area they do not have any particular but the north area of your home represents your career, it represents your life journeyIt’s like what your purpose is?, why you are here?, why you’re doing what you’re doing?, what you’re called to do and how it looks?.

So this is a very potent part of our life, it’s actually a huge part of our lives and as we move through all of the nine areas, what we want to do with Feng Shui is actually have balanced harmony in all of those nine areas. When we have balanced harmony in all of the areas, things start to flow for us. And tapping into this universal flow is the real essence of Feng Shui, that when our career area is balanced, when our health area is balance, and when our family area is balance. Then we have balanced inside us and then we become balanced so we can really tap into and follow what we’re supposed to be doing here on the planet.

Fame and Reputation Area

The next area in no particular order is fame and reputation. So the fame and reputation area and this is where people come to me where they have been doing a lot of work but they’re not getting the recognition and some people might think all this is like an ego thing. It’s not literally an ego thing, for me the recognition is that people see you for who you are, for how you’re shining your light in the world and what good you’re doing.

So if you’re working really hard and I just remember one of my clients during that time she was a nursing home carer and she actually won an award, a recognition award. She’s been in the job for several years and then we activated that area she won an award and she was like, “oh my god, people see me for what I’m doing and what I’m bringing to the world”. That recognition and it also about shining your light. If you have some good to share in the world and you’re doing good things.

The Fame area is all about activating that and when you’re bright shining, people see you and are attracted to you. That could be for your business, for your clients  that you’re getting more recognition and even more credibility. It’s not necessarily about being on TV but if you have something important to share in the world, being on TV is an amazing vehicle for sharing that message. That area is crucial to help people grow and expand in their lives and we’ve seen this countless times with our clients who’ve just got incredible media exposure once we work on unbalancing that fame area.

Family and Community Area

The next area is the family and community area. As I said, this is one of my favorite things about Feng Shui. It’s like every part of your life becomes balanced when we start looking at Feng Shui. When we balance all those nine areas, it’s like flow, real flow. 

Family and community area. I’ll just give an example. We had a client who joined my program and she had a lot of fighting. Her children were bickering all the time, and the family community area was out of balance. Now we can’t live in a house where a harmonious home is definitely not one where there’s like bickering and fighting and arguing. So to really anchor in and create this energy that is more balanced and harmonious and that’s really what the ultimate is, is that everyone is getting on well and that we have even great community and support around us like friends and family is in that area as well. 

New Beginnings Area

The next one, which I really enjoy, is the new beginnings area. This also relates when I’m working with clients into fertility, new beginnings, creativity, self expression. It represents those small little seeds, literally little seeds of intention of the things that you want to birth or bring into the world, how you want to express and create. Now, this part often gets very overlooked by people because we’re so busy doing the career, the work, and the family that this area can often get overlooked. But what I’ve seen so amazingly unfold is some of my clients once they start balancing the home, their creativity really starts to soar. They started writing more than they’ve ever written before or start painting incredible artwork that is literally gallery standard artwork and they’ve never picked up a paintbrush before, or they start dressing differently. Really allowing yourself to express creatively but also to give space for new things to unfold in your life.

Travel and Helpful People Area

The next area is travel and helpful people area. It’s one of my favorite areas and it’s obviously very active in our lives because we travel so much but the helpful people and travel area has two prongs to it, the first is like where do you want to travel? where do you want to expand to?. The nice thing about that is just that sense of like adventure and if there’s somewhere particular you want to go, you can bring that into your home the artwork that symbolizes into your home you can get by the Lonely Planet Guide. I don’t know if people get them anymore, but you know, get the guide, get some information about it. Put some pictures of the place up. I remember a client asking me like, well, where would you like to travel to? and she’s like Switzerland, and believe it or not, she actually had a cuckoo clock. So I was like, well because of the clock we can move that into the travel area and anchor that journey, that trip to Switzerland. 

The helpful people aspect is also around that support in your life. It’s not necessarily family and community. It’s really about people, it’s really about the perfect person who comes at a perfect time to support you and have exactly what you need, but you don’t have to wait around for it. Literally think of something that needs to be done whether it’s a window cleaner, a new employee, a new member that supports you like the gardener, a healer, a therapist, whatever it is that they turn up into your life at the perfect time and you feel supported. It’s that energy of support. So that one is a really useful one for clients who have businesses and they want to feel they have the right people on their team supporting them, that are helpful people and travel area. 

Love and Relationship Area

The next one that I got into Feng Shui is to call in love and relationship area, mostly loving relationships, a sense of romantic relationships. This is an amazing area for balancing relationships if you want to harmonize your current relationship or call in a new relationship which is what I did for myself to call Ken into my life.

As I’m sitting here Robin has come and flew on the wall as I was talking about helpful people. I just thought “oh my god”, sometimes we have to not forget the fact that we have also got invisible energetic support, and the robin symbolizes past like loved ones who’ve passed on. And then she’s definitely a symbol of my granny. So I’m just sharing that sometimes the symbols and the support can be in a different way and really seeing and noticing what’s around us.

Spiritual Personal Development & Growth Area

The next area is the spiritual personal development and growth area. Once people start to work with Feng Shui I often see people starting to, especially as we balance that they start to want to learn, start to do new things, and start to expand. Expand their mind and also their connections, their divine connection.

Feng Shui is very connected to the philosophy of the Taoist philosophy, the Taoist philosophy and you may not have heard of the Tao there’s actually a great book I am called The Tao of Pooh, which is really like a Winnie the Pooh version of the Tao. This is an ancient manuscript written by Lao Tzu, that manuscript really is about helping people. The wisdom in it is about helping people tap into the energy of flow and balancing the yin and yang energy. It’s exactly like we’re doing a Feng Shui in each of these areas, we would have balanced the yin and yang energy. So if something is excessive or pushing too hard into the masculine, then we’re not we don’t have the space to receive. So the spiritual aspect of the Feng Shui is when we balance our house we really tap into this energy of flow and how things just move in perfect timing with a perfect rhythm. Just like you plant the seed, we plant the bulb just think of the daffodils, plant the bulbs in the winter and then they come off in the spring. We don’t stand outside screaming at the Daffodil to grow quicker, quicker, faster. We just allow it to happen and that’s really essentially what happens when we start to work with the energy of Feng Shui. We plant the seeds of intention, all of these different areas of our life. We balance our home, and we just allow each of those areas to balance and feel guided to move into where we were meant to go and this energy of flow.

Health Area

The final area which actually is in the center of your home, so this will be an easy one for you to find right in the center of your home is the health area. It’s not just the health area, it’s very much the gratitude and love and self love area. So it’s the space where and how it works is that eight areas go around the outside of the house or the outer areas and then right smack bang in the middle is the center area. So we really want balance in all of those eight areas and then right in the middle, they inherently balance that center area, so it’s like a wheel. 

The best thing and as I talk about each of those nine areas you may have heard me you know I talk about some of my clients is the success that we see for clients in all different aspects of their life. And they’re unexpected because some of them can be very unexpected and positive because I haven’t really had a chance to look at that part of the life before and it really is a huge, amazing, reflective and very positive opportunity. We start looking at all the nine areas of your life and in your home mirror that as well. Then incredible success is what I want for you as you dive into this Feng Shui journey. Just like some of my amazing clients.

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