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Is your Home Good or Bad Feng Shui

Suppose someone asks you, “Does your home have good feng shui or bad feng shui?”,  would you be able to respond to it with the answer of being good or bad? Honestly, you don’t know, right?  

Feng Shui is the missing part of the  jigsaw puzzle that puts you right to the understanding that it does play a significant role in  your life.  Are you feeling stuck in your life?  Are things flowing easily and smoothly around your home and your life?  This episode will give you the spark that you need in order to become aware of the correlation of your home to what is happening in your life and therefore, take action.. 

Highlights of the episode…

  • Is your home good or bad Feng Shui
  • The four different house types.
  • The nine different areas of your life that are represented by the different areas of home


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