Jennifer S. - Patricia Lohan | Feng Shui Expert
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Things started changing for Jennifer two months into the course. The first thing she noticed? The energy shift and feeling of her home.

“Being in my space just started to feel yummy. I was like — I just like freaking love my apartment! People who’d come over would say it doesn’t LOOK much different, but it FEELS different.” Though she was always good at business and making money, she felt that before Feng Shui, it didn’t come from the right place. It was neither healthy nor sustainable — it was almost manic. Now the energy of the money is much different. Though there’s A LOT of it coming in, the flow is different — it comes more easily and stress-freely. She feels strongly that she’s supported in her work by her home now. Another huge change was meeting her now-boyfriend (after being single for five years). According to her, the love & relationship part of her life was suffering big time, though she worked a lot on her self-development. In her words: “Getting your home to work with you instead of against you is not rocket science. The support from Patricia’s team has been AMAZING. If you decide to do this, it’s going to change your life forever. It will be a part of your life forever, too.”