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To be fair last weekend was rough emotionally. I joined this program because I wanted to change my fear and scarcity mindset and this weekend so many things went wrong: everything got delayed, my partner struggled to do work due to stress, all our fears and old ways of thinking just hit us like never before.

Yesterday we were just exhausted physically and mentally. During all this I just followed the process, we got our report and started to look how to implement remedies. We were watching training videos and I continued to deep clean, declutter and keep trusting that it will work out somehow.

Last night we just felt that we should put salt cures in SE, S, and N guas and today everything was in a flow. Delayed invoice was payed by client, new project was confirmed, my partner was in the flow with his work and didn’t have any mental blocks working, most of the problems which were bothering us last weekend were solved. It’s just like a fog of misery was lifted. Today finally was a great day and I am counting this as a win.