Katie B. - Patricia Lohan | Feng Shui Expert
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So, I have this cute little home I love so much… in a beautiful part of the world — the east coast of Australia. And I love my family and my business. So, why am I feeling so very stuck, then? Before PowerHouse, I just felt sluggish every time I came into my home. And though our family was very harmonious, my business was just not moving forward. Fast forward to me actually enrolling the course and starting implementing the teachings. First of all, it was a shift in energy. I felt all because I work from home. All of a sudden I just had all this energy to do my work. I wrote out a weekend programme and I ended up touring around seven cities, doing weekend workshops and teaching. For my children AND their children we’ve managed to pay down much of our mortgage. We have got an investment property. We are literally just building an Airbnb. I would say to people, this is something you can’t not do. With COVID and everything that’s gone on in 2020/21… It’s not about getting into the beliefs of what it is or what it isn’t. There’s one thing that is absolutely undeniable. And that is your home (wherever that might be) is absolutely fundamental to everything. Everything stems from there.