The beauty of the energy of excitement is such an optimist, positive and high vibrational and it is actually part of me.


The beauty of it is we have the permission to manage our emotions about everything and anything.


I am excited about the good things unfolding for me.I’m noticing the small things that we can get excited about are the small things that are going to build this muscle of being excited. It helps you release endorphins and positive vibes spread your whole body.


We have control of our energy and the way we want to think. Our mind is so cool and powerful.


It’s all the little things in your everyday life that you get excited about putting on something.


If things don’t make you feel good, they’re actually depleting you.

Give yourself a chance to think about how you could think about the small things or make the small things more exciting?


Excitement and joy for me is a little bit different to gratitude.

I’m a big fan of expressing gratitude and that’s something to be overlooked.

It is a tiny little part that’s not twice worthy, that’s like “Ooh, thank you”, as opposed to delighted – an expectant energy that is soooo much more powerful.


Share something that you could get excited about. Something that you’ve been excited about recently.


Even if it’s like the tiniest thing, allow yourself to connect with that energy of excitement because it is so healing and therapeutic and it really opens you up to receiving more good stuff into your life.


So happy, being excited and allowing new things into your life with a vibration of excitement.


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